What are the 10 highest paid youtubers in the world? Top with MrBeast at the top

Have you ever wondered what are the youtubers who charge the most uploading content to the platform? A new article published by Forbes could solve this question that has probably been on your mind for a long time. We will not beat around the bush and reveal to you from the beginning who is the creator of the content that generated the most income during the past year by uploading content to YouTube: neither more nor less than MrBeast, who last year made his own games inspired by The Squid Game or Squid Game, the popular Netflix television phenomenon.

We are aware that if you are reading this article, it is more than likely that you will be curious to know how much money this well-known man managed to amass. youtuber. Well, everything indicates that MrBeast managed to win a whopping 54 million dollars in 2021, a figure that has currently become the largest amount earned by any other YouTube user, thanks to their videos accumulating more than 10 billion views. In fact, from Forbes they point out that this number of visits is double if we compare it with last year, an outrage. What does MrBeast have compared to other content creators that attracts so much public attention? We are sure that your high budget videos and their proposals out of the ordinary are the answer to this question.

Jake Paul and Markiplier are not far behind either

beyond the top, in second and third place we find Jake Paul and Markiplier respectively. Good old Jake Paul, who in addition to being a content creator is a professional boxer, has managed to collect more than 45 million dollars, a figure that is very close to MrBeast. However, this figure has a “trick”, since much of his income comes from his boxing career, although it remains an active member of the platform. On the other hand, Markiplier has generated more than $38 million thanks, in part, from the sale of T-shirts, hoodies, and other items related to his business. famous program One Year.

Who can we find beyond the podium? In this list we highlight the honorable mentions of the list offered by Forbes along with their winnings in descending order from 4th to 10th place: Rhett and Link with 30 million dollars, Unspeakable with 28.5 million, Nastya with 28 million, Ryan Kaji with 27 million, Dude Perfect with 20 million, Logan Paul (Jake’s brother) with 18 million and Preston Arsement with 16 million .