What are the benefits of honey? Here is the complete list. “Crazy”

Honey has been for many centuries among the very few “Natural” substances available to man natively endowed with sweetening power, a condition that has made what is a form of nourishment developed by the industrious work of bees, a substance defined as almost miraculous for a long time and not only for the numerous applications also outside the food context, as evidenced by the long list of benefits.

What are the benefits of honey? Here is the complete list. “Crazy”

Honey is developed by bees starting from nectar or honeydew, “working” the nectar of flowers through pollination, a factor which is also essential for the flowering of most trees and fruit plants.

For a long time, honey was considered almost a luxury, and for most of the 19th and 20th centuries it was replaced by the cheaper cane sugar, while in more recent times, thanks to new types of bee breeding willing to create honey the benefits have been rediscovered and re-evaluated.

The main benefits associated with the consumption of honey are:

  • It has an important role in protecting the body from many diseases as it is a powerful natural antioxidant.
  • Used in the officinal field and has disinfectant and antibiotic functions on small skin lesions as well as being an excellent sedative to counteract coughs.
  • It is a powerful energizer as it is mainly composed of glucose, which is one of the main natural sugars of fruit, much less “fattening” than refined sugar. It also does not affect the control of high blood sugar.
  • It can help us reduce weight, as it is strongly linked to a satiating dynamic. A daily consumption of honey not exceeding 20-30 grams can certainly replace sugar in a suitable way and combined with some form of bread, it can cover the role of “breaking hunger”.
  • Reduces skin inflammation.

It is no coincidence that honey has long been considered as a real medicine.