What are the benefits of sage? The answer leaves you speechless

Sage is used a lot by Italians, both as a natural remedy and in the kitchen, given the high beneficial properties for our body. It is often used in the form of herbal tea, but also used to flavor many recipes. It is therefore defined as one of the best known spices in the world and with great beneficial properties. Obviously, however, we must not exaggerate and eat it in the right quantity, only in this way can we have the desired effects. So let’s see what its benefits are.

What are the benefits of sage? The answer leaves you speechless

First of all, it is a natural anti-inflammatory, which can be used to reduce the pain of headaches or toothaches and also rheumatic pains. To have these properties you can use both the infusion and the essence. These properties are mainly due to the flavonoids it contains. It also has digestive properties and helps the stomach against irritable bowel syndrome or digestive system disorders. It is also immunostimulant, meaning that it strengthens our immune system. In sage we also find a lot of vitamin C, which in fact goes to help and increase mood. As an infusion, it is also recommended to lower blood sugar levels, in fact it must be taken between meals or as soon as you wake up. It is also recommended for those suffering from diabetes. Sage essence is also useful for menstrual pain, as it reduces pain, nervousness, nausea and headaches, just put a little on the abdomen.

It is therefore a very useful product for our body, especially to help us against various types of pain or bad sensations. Finally, we can say that sage essential oil has expectorant properties, as well as many other beneficial properties, it can therefore go to reduce stress and purify the liver.


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