what are the coins to find – Libero Quotidiano

There are some coins that literally drive collectors crazy. Among these there are some 50 euro cent coins that have a value that goes beyond the nominal one. Despite the gold-colored appearance, the 50 cents from euro they are not made of pure gold. The coin is made from an alloy of copper, zinc, aluminum and tin. In each piece, as we know by looking inside our pockets, there is the map of Europe on one side, 12 stars and the face value. On the other side, however, there are images related to the State where the coin is issued. And collectors, numismatics enthusiasts, are also on the hunt for euros, especially some coins that are part of the first issues, i.e. from the first years in which the single currency has entered into circulation in the countries that adhere to it within the European Union.

And the details on some of these coins make them extremely rare collectibles that drive collectors crazy. But which ones are the most valuable? Among the most sought-after coins are the 50 cents of the 2007 which can also be worth several tens of euros. But the real rare pieces are the 50 cent coins: from Spain in 2000, which are worth around 200 euros, from France in 1999, 350 euro. Finally, collectors also pay well for the 2008 Malta and Vatican City 50 cents.