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What are the damages of vitamin D increase?

What is the damage of increasing vitamin D, usually talk about the benefits of vitamin D, but this time we chose to highlight the damage that can be left behind by the increase in intake of vitamin D or get it from all sources.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps the body absorb calcium and take advantage of it. Vitamin D is essential for stabilizing and strengthening calcium.

Sun rays are the first and most important source of vitamin D, and the body produces this vitamin when exposed to the sun naturally. Vitamin D can also be obtained from some foods such as fish, sardines, tuna, eggs and fortified foods, as well as dietary supplements prescribed by the doctor.

What are the damages of vitamin D increase?

Excessive intake of vitamin D in the body can cause numerous damage. Excessive intake of dietary supplements is a kind of toxicity to vitamin D on the body, as the latter acts to absorb calcium from digested food, which increases calcium in the body and thus causes health problems such as The metabolism of some medicines such as anti-acid and birth control pills.

According to studies, many pregnant women who take excessive doses of vitamin D during pregnancy are more likely to have abnormalities in their fetuses, including mental retardation.

What are the symptoms of vitamin D increase?

Vitamin D increases the following symptoms:

• Nausea, fatigue and general weakness.

• Excessive nerve.

• Itching and frequent urination.

• Loss of appetite or poor appetite.

• Loss of fluid from the body.

• Accelerated heartbeat and irregularity.

• Calculation of surrounding tissues and blood vessels.

• The deterioration of one's condition in the case of atherosclerosis.

• Kidney failure.

The necessary dose of vitamin D per day is about 15 grams for both women and men and for pregnant women a little more.

Any excess of this percentage can cause toxicity and health risks listed above.


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