what are the lowest calorie sweets?

Trick or treat ? Here come Halloween and its procession of sweets! If these sweet pleasures delight children, they are often parents’ nightmare. Rich in calories, fats and sugars, they should be consumed in moderation. So what are the lowest calorie sweets that are the best for you? Here are our Malynx tips!

If Halloween already thrills the sweetest palates with envy, this holiday brings with it its share of questions about health. Between the sugar that sticks to your teeth and promises an upcoming appointment with the dentist, the fats and additives hidden everywhere, it is better to indulge yourself in moderation. Here is a quick overview of sweets, in their more or less caloric version.

What sweets for a diet?

If you are careful with your figure, you may consume sugar free confectionery. We find all kinds in supermarkets: Arlequin, Ricola, bonbons Weight Watchers

With about 200 kcal per 100g, they have a reasonable calorie balance and are allowed during a diet. But be careful, that doesn’t mean you have to overdo it!

In fact, sweeteners replace sugars in friandises light, and these are quite controversial. In addition, consumed in large quantities, they increase the risk of bloating or diarrhea. Those light candies therefore should not be consumed daily. You can also choose to favor alternatives to Stevia or honey.

To stay healthy and avoid the risk of diabetes and obesity, the WHO recommends limiting sugar intake to 10% of daily caloric intake.

The highest calorie sweets

pile of colorful candies

The marshmallows of our childhood

With around 330 kcal per 100g, marshmallows have an important carbohydrate score: 80 g / 100 grams. Their reassuring texture and the sweet, sweet flavor make them a favorite among the youngest. Dipped in a hot drink such as a steaming chocolate, they also delight the greatest!

Their chocolate-coated version in the form of bears is also a big hit with lovers of this tasty marshmallow, despite a significant caloric supplement.

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Crocodiles, Smurfs and Gummy Cubs

Jelly candies have been the star of playgrounds for many years. With 350 kcal and 70 grams of sugars per 100g, they have a truly addictive side. However, it is better to control yourself: do not forget that many additives are generally added to these delicacies, both to improve their appearance and to enhance their taste. However, these are far from unanimous among food health professionals, and are therefore not necessarily recommended.

Tagada strawberries and dragibus

Bad news: when you taste one of these delicious, slightly tart treats, it’s (almost) like swallowing a Piece of sugar ! Indeed, these candies are composed of 90% carbohydrates. Calorie side, there are 370 kcal per 100g. A small handful every now and then is okay, but don’t fall for it!

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The lowest calorie sweets: liquorice

heap of liquorice candy

Both timeless and divisive, liquorice leaves no one indifferent. On the health side, they remain the most reasonable choice since they have an energy value of 298 kcal per 100g, and “Only” 69 g of carbohydrate.

Light or sweet, finally, the important thing is to have fun! So choose your favorite candy and savor it with indulgence and moderation.

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