What are the most important factors when choosing a laptop? ASUS answers us

I recently attended an event organized by ASUS in partnership with Intel, to find out what are the most important news this year in terms of the global laptop market and what are the latest consumer trends that are observed in what regarding user behavior. It’s a kind of annual update through which the Taiwanese manufacturer presents it to us, in order to better understand the direction in which this gadget segment is heading.

So we had the opportunity to find out, until another one, what are the latest features brought on the ASUS lineups this year, but also how powerful are the new mobile processors from Intel, 12th generation, compared to his predecessors last year. Of course, the vast majority of ASUS laptop ranges, especially those for the business segment, benefit from the Intel Evo platform, which we have talked about in various reviews on connect, and which is a guarantor of performance.

For example, I was quite surprised to learn that, at least in ASUS configurations, 12th-generation Intel Core i7 (12700H) processors perform better in Cinebench synthetic tests than last year’s flagship, Intel. Core i9 11900H. Another interesting result, also obtained in the benchmark, shows us that the 12th generation Intel Core i5 H-Series is 2.5 times more powerful than an 11th generation i5 U-Series.

In addition, during the press event we found out that ASUS has the highest market share (68%) in terms of units sold that benefit from OLED screens, a segment that is increasingly popular among content creators and professionals. operating in the creative industries.

And among other novelties presented at this year’s event is a new cooling solution, which I have also encountered in ASUS laptops tested recently, and which stands out with a new design of fans, but also through Vapor Chamber, a system I’ve written about in almost every review of ASUS gaming devices this year.

Another piece of information that I found extremely interesting is the consumption habit. Of course, the number 1 criterion for choosing a new laptop is the price, but the Kantar study presented at the event aimed to find out what are the most important factors outside the cost.

So the first place is occupied by performance, on most important markets in the world, as we see in the image below. After performance, the other criteria taken into account are, in the order of the numbers on the shirt, battery life, display quality and build quality.

Locally, ASUS continues to be the market leader and holds up very well in most laptop segments, whether we are talking here about gaming, business, ultrabooks or editing devices.