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As is public knowledge, applications such as WhatsApp works to improve the service constantly and is now preparing a necessary and controversial change in group chat calls: you will be able to mute members during the conversation

This update was announced by the director of the instant messaging application, Will Cathcartthrough his Twitter account. It will be one of the many tools that the company has in mind for devices with Android and iOS Operating Systems.

Likewise, from the company, they assure that the possibility of silencing is nothing more than an option that will give you a lot of more fluidity and sharpness to voice calls made by two or more WhatsApp users

This way, if a member of the conversation forgets their microphone on, someone else can turn it off so that the conversation continues and is not hindered.

WhatsApp and other changes in group calls

As Cathcart commented, WhatsApp will have other changes to group calls. One of them has to do with the fact that, while the conversation is in progress, messages can be sent to some people who are inside it.

On the other hand, they also introduced the option totell contacts in a group chat that another user has joined the video call. It is that currently there were only six contacts in the WhatsApp interface and the application did not warn about the people who entered and they stayed in the background.

So now a notification will be sent when this happens. ‘X has joined the call’will say the message that will be seen at the bottom of the devices screen.

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