What are the Russian raw materials to counterbalance the chip industry

Russia has raw material to confront the chip industry with sanctions from Western countries. According to experts, the Eurasian nation has options to be the sanctioning party.

Among the materials found in that country are sapphire wafers, which are thin plates made of artificial stone and are essential for the production of microprocessors.

On this material, the head of the Consortium of Russian Developers of Data Storage Systems, Oleg Izumrudov, explained that these boards are used to make all the world’s processors, including those from AMD and Intel.

The expert stressed that 80% of sapphire wafers are produced in Russia and that “it will be practically impossible to find an alternative supplier.”

Another strong point of Russia is the production and supply of Hexafluorobutadiene gas or C4F6, which is essential in the manufacture of microprocessors and other associated products.

Palladium metal is essential for the production of semiconductors, sensors and MRAM memory. Currently, Russia is the source of approximately 43% of palladium, followed by South Africa, which produces around 30%, according to the US portal Techcet, 35% of palladium imported into the US comes precisely from the country eurasian, outlined Sputnik.