What are the symptoms of migraine?

What are the symptoms of migraine?

What are the symptoms of migraine, more commonly known as migraines or migraines, a type of headache that affects one side of the head and characterized by severe pain can last for a few days. Usually the migraine begins at the front of the head and then moves to one side, increasing its intensity with time, especially with free or exposure to light or high sounds. There are several reasons behind the injury of the sister we are reviewing in our topic today, in addition to the symptoms that accompany this type of annoying mother of the head as well as ways to cure. What causes sisterhood According to many studies, women are more likely to have migraines than men, with about 18% of women infected with a sister, while only 8% of men suffer from this headache. The main cause of the injury remains unspecified, but doctors and studies suggest changes in blood chemistry may be the cause of migraines. The most important of these changes is the hormone serotonin, which causes a rise in blood to shrink the blood vessels, while the decrease in concentration can significantly lead to the expansion of vessels and swelling and cause pain. Dr. Ayman al-Labban, consultant brain and neurological diseases at Al-Zahra Hospital in Dubai, said that the sister is a genetic disease that can affect all ages from childhood to the thirties, but its severity may decrease with age. According to Dr. Frankincense, the most prominent reasons that stimulate the injury of the sister are the following: • Lack of sleep or excessive sleep. • Hunger and non-eating for a long time. • Eat some foods that aggravate headaches such as chocolate, fermented cheese, onions and garlic in large quantities. • Sinusitis. What are the symptoms of migraine? The symptoms of migraine appear in four stages: • Stage of the initiative: a stage that begins one or two days before the injury of the sister, in which the person suffering from some of the symptoms such as constipation, depression, loss of appetite and increased activity of the body as well as tension and anxiety and the occurrence of neck spasms and constant yawning. • Stage of aura: or halo, and occur before or after the sister, a neurologist is increasing symptoms over time and may continue from 20-60 minutes. And the symptoms of light: • Visual disturbances such as blurred vision and loss. • Speech disorders so that the patient is unable to speak or express. • Sensory disorders in which the patient feels tingling in the feet and legs and drowsiness. • Motor disturbances that weaken the ability of the human to move the limbs. • Headaches that persist if you do not take the right medication. Symptoms of severe pain in one half of the head, rarely halves headache, and sensitivity to see the light, and hear voices, and sometimes smell some smells, in addition to the feeling of nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, lightness of the head, and sometimes fainting. Post-headache: the final stage, in which the pain is removed from the head, to feel the patient after fatigue and severe loss of strength and fatigue. What is a migraine treatment There is no specific treatment for the sister, but doctors recommend some drugs that help relieve migraines, including painkillers, epilepsy, depression and high blood pressure. With the need to take preventive medicine given by the specialist doctor for people who suffer from repeated migraine attacks, and take the drugs dilute to the sister immediately after the feeling of the onset of seizure. Dr. Frankincense is used for some treatments for people with chronic migraine, including Botox In specific areas of the Chinese head and ache. The focus remains on changing and regulating the lifestyles of migraine. • Maintain a specific and continuous diet to eat, sleep and wake up at a certain time. • Control nervousness and reduce stress.

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