What are the thriving markets to build your business…

Entrepreneurship is a word that makes more than one dream! Synonymous with responsibility and innovation, creating your own business is an opportunity to implement and promote your ideas and concepts. To succeed in your project, it is necessary to check which are the promising sectors, that is to say with high growth potential.

What is a buoyant market?

Everyone wants their project to be successful. To do this, it must be anchored in a growth industryi.e. a domain that has a “[…] rate growth particularly high worldwide and aims to remain so” (Commission Attali – commission for the liberation of French growth). With a innovative concepta solid business modela buoyant sector and a little help from destiny, your business will grow over the years.

Promotion of Made in France

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! The french companies are proud of their know-how, their skills and their traditions, which is why they highlight them with the certification “Made in France” or “Made in France”. Among the growing areas, agriculture and agri-food (“Our regions have talent” by Leclerc…) are at the top of the list, followed by the fashion and luxury sectors (Le Slip Français. ..), then cultural and creative industries (Ubisoft…).

In order to proudly raise the blue-white-red flag in the eyes of the world, nothing beats developing a company that claims the French Touch ! This is how the label was born French Tech. This vast ecosystem of startups new generation – Swile, Manomano, Happn, QAPA, Contentsquare, Frichti… – aims to make France one of the most attractive countries in the world.

booming sectors

Following the health crisis linked to Covid-19, thefrench economy has been completely redesigned.

  • The resumption of post-lockdown activity has brought to light new working conditions such as the generalization of telework. Companies are betting on this development such as AdopteUnBureau which offers adapted furniture or PositiveYou which supports and accompanies companies during this period.
  • Booming, the welfare knows a high increase like the startup Yuka which scans your shopping and recommends healthy products (food, beauty products, etc.) or even Sleepie which allows you to improve your quality of sleep.
  • In connection with the comfort of life, the sector of personal services is also booming.
  • Either it’s about rentals, deliveries or sales between individualsthe French are more oriented towards meaningful products or services and beautiful values ​​(environmental protection, better living together, etc.). This is why vehicle rental platforms (Rider Club, Yescapa…), clothing rental platforms (Sneakers and Go, Adopte une robe…), or even collaborative platforms (Borrow my doggie, Louerunepiscine…) are multiplying. .

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Do you want to acquire new skills related to one of these sectors?

The schools of the CCI Paris Ile-de-France offer you short, certifying and diploma courses. Connected to the professional worldthey adapt their programs to the expectations of societies.

  • ESIEE-ITspecialized in development computer science and digital transformation, is more than ever in line with the digitization of professions and the rise of e-commerce, cybersecurity, Big DATA and artificial intelligence (AI), robotics…
  • school FERRANDI Parisfor its part, relies on innovation and French know-how in its training in gastronomy et hotel.
  • LÉA-IFCthe trade school of the city ​​of tomorrowtrains young people and employees in professional retraining for building trades, energy performance, public works, mobility, landscaping, etc.