What are the upcoming Government bonuses and what to do to get them

Bonus 200 euros, eco-bonus, mobility, fuel bonus and awnings: the Government has allocated various bonuses to economically support the population in various economic sectors, after the crises caused by the pandemic first and then by the war in Ukraine. The most popular concern mobility (eco-bonuses), but there are also aid for bills, the 200 euro bonus and the one for gasoline. The methods of disbursement and request for these incentives and supports are different according to the case (and some are even ending): all the information available, with the latest updates, in a guide prepared by our colleagues at

The bonuses for hiring that are about to expire

Three hiring incentives will expire on June 30th. Which? These are the Southern tax relief, the contribution relief for companies that hire young people under 36 and the facilitation aimed at giving jobs to unemployed women.

Bonus bills: what to do

The bill bonus is the incentive to help Italian families and consumers cope with the rising costs of electricity and gas. Already adopted for the second quarter of 2022, the bill bonus has undergone some changes following the approval of the aid decree. it was renewed by the Draghi government also for the third quarter of this year and will be implemented by Arera, the regulatory authority for energy, networks and the environment.

In addition, the retroactivity of the bonus to the first quarter of 2022 is also envisaged for those who did not have time to submit the ISEE. Basically, if the ISEE is presented after the payment of the bills, the discount will arrive in the next bill. In the event that automatic clearing is not possible, a refund will be made. It is also important to remember that the bill bonus does not provide for a fixed amount: the value of the social bonus, in fact, is determined and periodically updated by the Arera on the basis of the criteria established by the legislation.

The requirements to benefit from the bill bonus are therefore:

  • belonging to a family unit with an Isee indicator not exceeding 12 thousand euros per year
  • belonging to a family unit with at least 4 dependent children (large family) and Isee indicator not exceeding 20,000 euros,
  • membership of a family unit with a citizenship income or citizenship pension.

Furthermore, one of the members of the Isee family must be the holder of an electricity and / or natural gas and / or water supply contract:

  • with a tariff for domestic use (i.e. the supply must serve premises used for family homes) or, to access the social water bonus, for resident domestic use
  • active (i.e. the provision of the service must be in progress) or temporarily suspended due to arrears.

Alternatively, one of the members of the Isee family unit must make use of a (centralized) condominium supply of natural gas and / or water for civil and active use in rooms used as family dwellings.

Finally, each family unit has the right to only one bonus per type – electricity, gas, water – per year of competence of the DSU – or the Single Substitute Declaration, the document necessary for the calculation of the ISEE which contains personal data, income and assets of a family unit and which is valid from the moment of presentation and until the following December 31st.

The news on the bill bonus: when it arrives and how to request it

Car and motorcycle bonus

Next Monday, May 16, the incentives for non-polluting cars and motorbikes come into effect with discounts of up to 5,000 euros. The decree will be published in the Official Gazette and will be immediately operational. The platform for requesting the bonus will be usable from 25 May, but the sales contracts will be valid from 16 May. The provision allocates 650 million euros but unlike in the past the funds will be spread over several years (650 million a year for 2022, 2023 and 2024), in all almost 2 billion euros.

For Euro 6 homologated cars, a maximum contribution of 3,000 euros is envisaged, plus another 2,000 euros in the event of the scrapping of another vehicle of a class lower than Euro 5. The incentives also concern the purchase of motorcycles, three-wheelers and quadricycles , with a bonus of up to 3,000 euros which can become 4,000 with the simultaneous scrapping of a vehicle with a class lower than the Euro 3 class. Incentives for the purchase of electric, hybrid, plug-in and endothermic vehicles are only granted to people physical. A small percentage of the funds is reserved for car sharing companies to buy electric, hybrid, plug-in vehicles. Contributions to small and medium-sized enterprises are envisaged but only for the purchase of new electric commercial vehicles with the simultaneous scrapping of an approved vehicle in a class lower than Euro 4.

All information on the car and motorcycle bonus

Petrol bonus of 200 euros

The number of beneficiaries of the petrol bonus is expanding: even “private employers”, and not just “private companies”, will be able to provide their employees with fuel vouchers up to a maximum of 200 euros. The incentive was approved by the government with the “Ukraine bis” decree to counter the economic effects of the crisis. For 2022, the amount of the value of the vouchers does not contribute to the formation of income.

All useful information to request the 200 euro petrol bonus

Transport bonus of 60 euros

With the Aid decree, a 60 euro bonus was introduced for public transport users. The aim is to “mitigate the impact of expensive energy on households, in particular in relation to transport costs for students and workers”. How does the bonus work? Let’s start by saying that a 100 million euro fund has been allocated for the measure for the year 2022, “aimed at recognizing, within the limits of the fund’s endowment and until resources are exhausted, a voucher to be used for the purchase ( …) of season tickets for local, regional and interregional public transport services “or” for national rail transport services “.

The contribution to purchase the season ticket for public transport (buses, regional and interregional trains) can cover up to 100% of the costs incurred, but there is a maximum ceiling of 60 euros. The voucher can also be used for the purchase of a single subscription and is not transferable.

How it works and who is entitled to the 60 euro transport bonus

The 200 euro bonus

The Draghi government has approved a bonus of 200 euros for workers and retirees. This is one of the measures introduced (and reminiscent of the Renzi Bonus) to deal with the growing price increase also due to the war in Ukraine, contained in the “Aid Decree” aimed at families and businesses. The decree has a total cost of 14 billion which will be partly financed thanks to the increase in the tax on the extra-profits of energy companies from 10 to 25 percent. The € 200 bonus is not for all workers and also involves retirees: around 30 million people will receive it.

All the FAQs on the 200 euro bonus

Bonus awnings

After being introduced for the first time in 2020, with the 2022 Budget Law the awning bonus returns: the incentive allows until 31 December 2022 to deduct 50% of the costs incurred for interventions up to 60 thousand euros for purchase and installation of sunscreens or mobile blackout technical closures. Those who bear the costs of energy requalification and the owners of individual residential real estate units or common parts of condominiums can request it.

To obtain the bonus, you can choose the Irpef deduction spread over 10 years or the direct discount on the invoice with the transfer of the tax credit for the bonus. The interventions to eliminate pre-existing systems and the manpower of the professional in charge of following the Enea practice are also deductible. A 110% deduction can also be obtained if the works carried out fall within those of the 110% Superbonus for energy redevelopment. In this case the works are linked to “driving” interventions such as thermal insulation works; replacement of air conditioning systems; works for the reduction of seismic risk

How to get the awning bonus

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