what are the values ​​to keep under control?

30 December 2021 12:00

AAA Wanted health. The blood tests they are usually one of the first indicators of the health of our body. But what are the values ​​to keep under control? From cholesterol good to bad, passing through i triglycerides e i red and white blood cells, a complete picture is given by Dr. Maria Antonietta Colazzo, biologist and Head of the Laboratory Analysis of Petruccian Clinicin Lecce.

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Tips for carrying out blood tests correctly

If there is something wrong with ours blood analysis, it is always good to run for cover. Leading an active lifestyle and following a correct diet – preferably derived from the Mediterranean diet – are the first remedies to avoid having those annoying asterisks in your tests, which can turn, in some cases, into real pathologies.
Furthermore, before making a sample, it is always good to avoid sausages and fatty meats, without being bewitched by false food friends – mozzarella “to stay light”, for example -.

How often to have blood tests

It varies a lot with age, but it is generally good practice to do them at least once a year for younger individuals with a good state of health, while for those who have exceeded the threshold of 40-50 years it may be advisable to carry out a check-up of their values ​​even every 6 months.

How to book exams and analyzes

In Lecce the Petrucciani Clinic, in via Aldo Moro 28, offers many laboratory analyzes and examinations which can be booked by contacting the Clinic directly. All withdrawals are carried out on site following presentation of a medical prescription or in the self-employed regime. The hours of the Clinical Analysis Laboratory are Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 10:00 and Saturdays from 8:00 to 9:30.



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