What are the white lines on the nails?

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Nails can say a lot about a person’s health, whether it is an infection or a serious illness. But not all stains on the nail indicate the existence of a disease.

Most white lines or spots on the nail are benign, the medical term for them is leukemia. There are countless rumors about the cause of the appearance of the lines whether it is calcium or zinc deficiency, but none is true, notes Discover.

White lines appear as a result of trauma to the nail

It appears at the base of the nail and will disappear after the nail grows and is cut. But nails grow quite hard, by 3.5 millimeters per month.

White lines can be the result of trauma but can indicate the presence of a nail fungus. If there are several white lines along the nail, it is possible that the body has been poisoned with lead or arsenic. White lines that store arsenic or lead inside the nail usually appear two months after poisoning.

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