The "sports" version of the Russian liftback is unreasonably overpriced, the surveyor believes.

AvtoVAZ was pleased with a large number of trim levels of the recently released LADA Granta FL, but often motorists cannot correctly choose the maximum version of the popular "state employee". A blogger from the KAI Grave channel told why it is better to choose the updated Grant in the Lux Prestige version instead of Drive Active modification.

It is worth noting that these versions of the Russian liftback are maximum, but at the same time they differ significantly from each other in terms of options and practicality. LADA Granta FL Drive Active and LADA Granta FL Lux Prestige are equipped with gasoline 1.6-liter engines with a capacity of 106 "horses" and manual transmission for 5 positions.

At the same time, the sports version of the “Grants”, which is called Drive Active, has thin leather on the steering wheel and seats, which although they refer to sports cars, but do not have adjustments. It is also worth noting that the rear seats of the “driver's” modification of the Russian liftback are rather cramped, as well as the blogger was unpleasantly struck by the lack of a stabilization system and the low clearance of 162 mm. For all this, you will have to pay 635,000 rubles.

LADA Granta FL Lux Prestige will cost 605,000 rubles, and for this money the Russians will get a car equipped with ESC, adjustable seats, electric windows, climate control, cruise control, all kinds of heating, rain and light sensors, and folding mirrors.

There is no need to say that there is a lot of space in the rear seats, so passengers can comfortably accommodate. “What are we overpaying for?” The blogger asks.

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