What became of Davor Suker: his record and his personal life

  • He is the top scorer in the history of his national team and since 2012 he has held the position of president of the Croatian federation

  • He arrived at Real Madrid in 1996 and won the long-awaited seventh European Cup

  • He had a long relationship with Ana Obregón when he lived in Madrid

There was Zvnoimir Boban, Robert Prosinecki, Robert Jarni, Mario Sanic and, of course, Davor Suker, the top scorer in the history of the Croatian team with 45 goals in 69 games played.

Suker is a living legend of football in his country, but also of Real Madrid. He arrived at Sevilla in 1992 from Dinamo Zagreb. Four seasons later, he signed for the Whites, winning league titles and the long-awaited seventh European Cup, the first in color for Real Madrid thanks to Mijatovic’s famous goal.

His retirement and his relationship with Ana Obregón

After some campaigns at the white club, he went to play in the Premier League, first at Arsenal and then at West Ham, culminating a successful career in the 1860 Münich of the Bundesliga. And since 2012, he has been the highest authority in Croatian football, serving as president of his country’s national team.

Since his presidency, he has promoted improvements for footballers, modernized his country’s football clubs and provided support to the lower ranks.

Suker is 53 years old and has no known stable partner. In the 90s, since he signed for Real Madrid, he had a long relationship with Ana Obregón, which ended when he signed for Arsenal. For the biologist, Suker is one of the three loves in her life with Fernando Martín and Alessandro Lequio.

“In him I found everything I was waiting for without knowing it: a generous, honest man, with the humility of the great ones, who accepted and admired my career and, above all, who did not intend to change me,” as the biologist confessed when recalling their relationship sentimental with the Croatian footballer.