What can fire brigades from the Friborg region learn from Croatia? – District Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald


Firefighters from the region around Freiburg are being trained near Split to better fight forest fires. There they learn a lot about tactics, equipment and risks.

The risk of forest fires in the region around Freiburg has been high due to the heat in the past few days. According to the forest fire risk index of the German Weather Service, the situation will ease over the course of the week, but the local fire brigades are dedicating themselves to the issue more intensively. There was also a trip to Croatia recently, during which some military personnel were able to receive further training on site. This course was also intended as a thank you for the earthquake aid that was provided by the region’s defense services in 2020.
Fighting forest fires becomes an important issue

Fighting forest fires is becoming increasingly explosive due to the current events in Brandenburg in Germany. The Staufen fire brigade commander Rainer Brinkmann therefore took the opportunity to train with his Croatian fire brigade colleagues in May – he also wants to use the knowledge he gained there in the district …