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(Imago) Was that a game! Zlatko Junozovic scored the ball spectacularly from 20 meters into the net. Florian Grillitsch’s shot into the corner was no less worth seeing, and Florian Kainz’s first Bundesliga goal finally rounded off the successful Werder afternoon. The Bremen won their only Bundesliga home game against RB Leipzig 3-0. On Sunday (18 clock), the Saxons are now visiting the Weserstadion for the second time.
For Florian Kohfeldt, the brilliant victory about a year ago does not matter anymore, not only because he was not a professional coach at the time. “Team, squads and approaches are not comparable on both sides,” he says quite rightly. The past offers only little orientation before the duel between Werder and Leipzig, especially since both teams met in the Bundesliga only three times. Instead, there are five factors that could ultimately make the difference for victory or defeat.
The load
Thursday against Marseille, Monday against Leverkusen, Thursday again against Marseille. Behind Leipzig is a rock-hard program. The match in Bremen is the fourth game in ten days, while Werder’s matches against Hannover and RB are nine days away. “I find it an advantage to prepare for the game in peace,” says Kohfeldt. RB coach Ralph Hasenhüttl sounds quite different: “We drive to Bremen like a battered boxer. For the boys, the limit is reached, “he complains. Several players are injured or injured as scorer Timo Werner. As far as physical freshness is concerned, Werder has the advantage.
The individual quality
The differences are gigantic. Werder’s squad is worth 86.60 million euros, according to “transfermarkt.de”. Leipzig has invested in this season alone 60.75 million euros for newcomers such as Kevin Kampl, Jean-Kévin Augustine or Bruma. Despite all staff worries, the runner-up is superior to the people of Bremen in terms of individual class. The losses to the opponent are therefore not a big issue for Kohfeldt. Even Werner should be replaced. “He’s an extraordinary striker, but you can not say at RB Leipzig that it’s a big difference, whether he plays or not. There is also Poulsen, Forsberg. That’s quality in all respects, “says Kohfeldt.
The coaches
Ralf Rangnick was once the epitome of the tactical fox, after he had sketched out in 1998 his idea of ​​football on a tactical board in the “gym”. Recently, the current sports director of RB Leipzig took off his hat to coach Hasenhüttl. This had set against Bayern surprisingly on a 3-4-3 system. Thus he caught the record champions on the wrong foot, and Leipzig won 2-1. Hasenhüttl’s concept was “absolutely conclusive,” Rangnick praised.
The Leipzig coach is therefore always good for tactical tricks and meets with Florian Kohfeldt now on an equal opponent. “Ralph Hasenhüttl is someone who deals with the enemy in great detail regarding video analytics and meetings,” says Kohfeldt. Hasenhüttl in turn praises Werder as “an opponent who acts very variable and poisonous”. Kohfeldt often makes changes during the games and so far has mostly been successful. In the 2-1 win against Frankfurt, he delivered a true tactical battle with his counterpart Niko Kovac. It will not be that extreme against Leipzig, but also Kohfeldt and Hasenhüttl should be on the lookout.
Werder coach has looked at the preparation of several Leipzig games in full length. “People are looking for elements with which Leipzig has problems that can be generalized,” explains Kohfeldt. What he found out, the coach does not reveal. One starting point, however, could be the spaces that arise in the back of the midfielder, when Leipzig goes with many players in the pressing.
The key players
Sure, at RB Leipzig you think first of Timo Werner, and Werder to Max Kruse. Both stand for spectacular offensive actions. But more important for the overall structure of their team are two other players. Leipzig’s control center is Naby Keita. Not without reason he changes to next season for an estimated 70 million euros transfer fee to Liverpool. The 23-year-old is fast, technically studded and plays great passes in the lead.
Werder does not have a player like him. Werder has Philipp Bargfrede. In defensive midfield he is of enormous importance against RB. The people of Leipzig like to combine themselves through the center and create there specifically excessive situations. Bargfrede must therefore ensure stability in the middle. It is well conceivable that he returns situationally as an additional hedge back into the back four. So much depends on Werder Bargfredes day shape and sense of the situation.
The trend
Leipzig has to handle two damn painful claps. On the 1: 4 in Leverkusen followed the Europa League off by a 2: 5 in Marseille. “We certainly can not assume that the team has a crack,” said Werder’s sports chief Frank Baumann, but nine goals in two games is no team just put away like that. The Bremen disappointed last time at 1: 2 in Hannover, but had previously shown weeks of thrilling football. The trend speaks so easily for SV Werder, who can also rely on his home series of nine league games without defeat and a sold-out Weser Stadium.
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