What danger is the summer sun


Summer is very close, and it’s time to prepare for a meeting with the scorching sun. How to minimize the negative impact of ultraviolet, choose the right tanning agent and what different protective creams, “Red North” was told by the dermatologist of the regional skin and venereal dispensary Elena Savkina.

The risk is not worth it

Of course, the sun is extremely healthy. Under its influence, vitamin D is produced, which is necessary for bones, it stimulates the hormonal background and metabolism. In addition, under the influence of ultraviolet in humans, hormones of joy are produced. – Considering that the majority of Russians lack vitamin D, many of us are happy to use any opportunity to bask in the sun to make up for its reserves, forgetting that excessive hobbies are fraught with many dangers. First of all, the sun’s rays start the process of photoaging, in which “old” wrinkles deepen, pigmentation and new superficial wrinkles appear, the skin becomes dull, flabby, dehydrated, “says Elena Savkina. Moreover, the sun can carry a real threat to health and even life. Sometimes a small pigmented spot, which appears after sunburn, can lead to skin cancer. Especially cautious should be those who already have neoplasms – moles, papillomas, keratomas. Under the influence of the sun, they can begin to grow or turn into a malignant form. In the risk zone are people with the first phototype – with white skin, blue eyes, light or red hair. They do not tan, but burn. People of the second phototype – light-blond or dark-brown with light eyes and skin – suffer from the sun no less than blondes.

In May, the Vologda Regional Oncology Dispensary traditionally holds an action on early diagnosis and prevention of melanoma. On this day, residents of the region with various skin lesions – moles, pigmented spots – can undergo a free examination with an oncologist. At the reference the direction of the doctor is not required. Reception is conducted in the order of the queue. Melanoma is a malignant tumor that has a rapid and aggressive course. The tumor arises from melanocytes – skin pigment cells. There are many different reasons for the development of melanoma, among which the main is ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the skin type, the number of moles on the body, repeated sunburn, and also genetic factors are important. According to statistics, melanoma often develops in women. As statistics show, the incidence of melanoma is increasing all over the world. The same trend is observed in Russia. The Vologda region is not an exception in this respect. For the first time, the action to prevent and diagnose melanoma in Vologda was held in 2010. Every year, the number of people wishing to undergo a free survey increases. Vologda residents come to the regional capital from all districts. For example, last year for one day, oncologist doctors examined and advised more than 600 people. The day of early diagnosis and prevention of melanoma will be held on May 21 from 9 am to 1 pm, in Vologda on Sovetsky Prospekt, 102-b (conference hall).

Representatives of the third phototype – with brown eyes, chestnut hair and ivory skin – sunbathe well, and photoaging of the skin in them occurs gradually, progressing after 60 years. But even for them, an overdose of the sun can not end very well. So, whatever phototype your skin belongs to, do not take risks and excessively get involved in sunburn.

Choose a cream

If we talk about the Vologda region, then stay in the summer sun should be limited to 11 am and after 16 pm. In southern regions it is desirable to avoid the sun from 10 to 17 hours. If there is no possibility to escape into the shade during sunshine, it is necessary to apply a remedy with SPF-protection. The lighter the skin, the older the age, the higher the protection factor (SPF 30, 50). If there is no cream at hand, you can get by with a hat with wide margins, a long-sleeved T-shirt and sunglasses. Creams with SPF-protection come in three types – with physical protection, chemical, mixed. The first forms a protective background on the skin, which does not pass the ultraviolet rays. The second contains substances that absorb the ultraviolet. Mixed people do both. But do not forget that the photoprotection, regardless of whether you bathed or not, you need to update every two hours, because the filters have a certain time resource. Which cream to choose is, first of all, the question of your financial capabilities. Protective film on the skin is provided by titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, chemical protection is well provided by avonbenzone or benzophenone. If there are such substances in the cream, you can safely buy it. “People’s” funds from a harmful sunburn will not qualitatively protect. They can be used after the skin has been exposed to the sun, especially if it is “burnt”. Then it can be applied, for example, sour cream. But panthenol will be more effective. Girls with moles If you have birth marks and other neoplasms on your face or other exposed areas of the skin, consult a dermatologist before the summer. The doctor will be able to determine their good quality and evaluate all the risks of sunburn specifically for you, to suggest the best means of protection. In fact, you need to visit a dermatologist annually, so as not to miss the possibility of degeneration of tumors into malignant forms. The main thing – do not forget: everything is good in moderation, and the sun in this respect is no exception.


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