What do celebrities think about the fight between Nodal and J Balvin?

Celebrities give their opinion on the release of Girasol, a song that Christian composed for Balvin.

Another one for J Balvin? First Residente and now the Mexican regional singer, Christian Nodal, also threw the reggaeton player.

Let us remember that when the Resident thing happened, Balvin remained silent and ignored the rhymes that had been composed for him, but now, will he answer Christian?

It may interest you: Christian Nodal finally took his shot at J Balvin

If you stay informed of the latest gossip, you will know that Nodal has gone through strong situations after breaking up with Belinda, for which he has closed cycles by changing his look and adding more tattoos to his body.

After such drastic touch-ups, Internet users spoke of the resemblance he had with the Colombian and it became easy for J Balvin to publish his photographs and write “Find the differences”, although Nodal did not take it in a good way, as he began to insult him on networks social.

When launching his long-awaited tiradera, celebrities made an appearance, starting with Residente, who published a photo of his caps with the initial ‘R’ and Christian’s song, ‘Limón con Sal’, even tagging him to show his support.

On the other hand, Espinoza Paz said the following:

“They will tell you that others have more talent than you, but remember that discipline sooner or later beats talent. If you see that someone is fulfilled and achieves his dreams, but what he does is not to your liking, at least have the courage to respect his discipline. That in the end that is also his talent ”.

And of course Maluma could not miss, expressing the following:

“Everyone got up like ‘asado’, everyone fighting, everyone angry, saying things to the other and the other got into it and like that is sticking to me too, we are going to make a mess, we are going to make a dump, who do we do it to? You say well…”, commented the also Colombian, with a bit of humor.