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“What do super-rich founders do with their money?”

by archyw

What have the founders recently criticized in the press?
There was a position paper by the Young Digital Economy Advisory Board. The advisory board advises the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In it, authors were outraged that the press reportedly reported too negatively about start-ups going public. Many founders have distanced themselves from it.

What do the super-rich do with their money?
It is really quite noticeable that the founders who made their fortunes because their start-ups are doing well do not invest their money so much in luxury and flaunt it, but rather invest in other start-ups or get involved socially.

More on the subject: Those who set up a company often have to limit themselves, especially in the early years. If the start-up is successful, one sale at once promises millions. What do the founders do with all the money? Exit from start-ups: suddenly rich – what to do with the money now?

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