What do we know about Gustavo Petro’s health? The president canceled several public events before his visit to New York

(CNN Spanish) — The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, is currently suffering from “acute non-obstructive bronchitis”, which forced him to have outpatient treatment, the Presidency reported in a statement this Friday.

The president was examined by his personal doctor who, upon diagnosis, recommended that he “avoid changes in temperature and speak in public for a long time,” according to official information.

This Monday, the Colombian Presidency told CNN that Petro “is much better from the day of the statement to today.”

“He was resting Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Yesterday (Sunday) he had public spaces in New York with very short interventions in Queens. He still has a little cough and I think the current climate in New York is very favorable for him,” the Presidency told CNN.

Petro arrived in New York this Sunday to participate in the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). There she will meet with the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, and she will also meet with the Colombian community and will attend the pre-COP15 meeting, according to official information.

According to the Presidency, Petro maintains his health care to prepare for his first intervention in the United Nations. They added that this Monday the agenda will not be extended until very late and that the president will be reviewing the points of the speech on Tuesday and the agenda that he has for this visit.

Some health problems of Gustavo Petro

President Petro’s health has come under scrutiny in recent weeks due to the cancellation of several events on his agenda. One of them was on Thursday, September 15, when Petro did not attend the National Cooperative Congress of the Confederation of Cooperatives of Colombia, local media reported.

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Last Thursday he also stopped going to the installation of an event of magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice in Valledupar, a city in northern Colombia, reported the newspaper El Espectador, which stated that Petro had a “strong flu.” . This was before the medical opinion provided by the Presidency.

Finally, a month ago, a few days after taking office as president, Petro did not attend the recognition ceremony for the troops and the leadership of the military forces. As he himself told RCN News, it was a “deep stomach pain.” Later he added that it was a digestive problem that he had “for a long time”, assuring in the end that he was fine.