What do you need to pay attention to in the 5 zodiac signs of Tai Sui in 2021?

Original title: What should be paid attention to in the 5 zodiac signs of Tai Sui in 2021

2021 is the year of the ox, and with the advent of this year, the situation of each Chinese zodiac guilty of Tai Sui has also changed. When guilty of Tai Sui, our fortune will be greatly affected. Guessing Tai Sui is a general term, which also contains many kinds of terms. So who will commit the Tai Sui zodiac in 2021? What do they need to pay attention to?

Zodiac ox value Tai Sui

The Chinese zodiac Niu Dizhi is ugly. When a ugly person encounters an ugly year, it is a Tai Sui. It is also said that the natal year is a Tai Sui. Therefore, for the cattle of the Chinese zodiac, there will actually be a lot of distress in 2021. The relationship between marriage and the other half There will be more contradictions, and there will be many accidents in the career.

Zodiac Tiger Tai Sui

The corresponding terrestrial branch of the zodiac tiger is Yin, and Yin Mu is against ugly soil. Therefore, in 2021, the zodiac tiger belongs to the year of Ke Tai Sui, and Yin and Chou are lonely. During this year, they will feel a little lonely and withdrawn. Under the influence of Ketai Sui, your interpersonal relationship will also become very poor. So it is best to find a confidant or two when you are in a depressed mood. , In order to achieve the effect of venting inner loneliness.

Zodiac Rabbit Ke Tai Sui

The earthly branch of the zodiac rabbit is Mao, the Mao is wood, and the wood is the ugly soil. Therefore, the Chinese zodiac rabbit is also the year of Ketai Sui in 2021. The influence of Ketai Sui throughout the year is very unfavorable. Their careers are not developing smoothly. There are many villains, and there will be financial losses in terms of wealth. In terms of marriage and relationships, due to the disadvantages of Ke Tai Sui, married Chinese zodiac rabbits will divorce their spouses, and unmarried Chinese zodiac rabbits will break up with their counterparts. And so on, so be careful about everything throughout the year.

Zodiac Dragon Break Tai Sui

The zodiac dragon will break with Tai Sui in 2021, and it will be a fortune star with Tai Sui, which will have some adverse effects on the luck of wealth, career and health of the zodiac dragon. In terms of wealth, dragons should take care to avoid financial disasters and safeguard their own interests this year.

Chinese zodiac dog

Dogs are prone to punishment in the year of punishment. Insufficient attention to rules will affect their career development. They may also have conflicts and conflicts with others, and seriously cause physical harm to themselves. Therefore, in 2021, the zodiac dog needs to regulate his behavior in the workplace and life, and at the same time avoid conflicts and conflicts with others, but also pay attention to calm and calm, so that life in 2021 is more comfortable.Return to Sohu to see more


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