what does an advertising expert do and how much does he earn

The leaders in advertising today are valued for their creativity, but also for their handling of new tools and digital worlds.

have fluid communication with the different audiences is essential, but it is also key do it the right way: you don’t have to be too invasive, find the exact moment and channel and be in tune with what the agenda marks today. That’s why, the leaders in advertising became strategic allies of the companies.

is the one plans, directs and coordinates advertising, public relations and public information activities of an organization or companies that provide related services to other firms or organizations,” he assures iProUP Sebastián Maciarello, manager of BPO and Selection of Auren.

What does an advertising leader do and how much does he earn?

The truth is everything is changing in a “vertiginous way with the irruption of the digital world in work and personal lifewhether in our professional environment or as consumers,” adds Maciarello.

“Companies are also in a continuous and profound transformation and in the search for greater agility in all their design and production actions”, he remarks. And he adds: “They begin to modify their traditional structures and terms like Agile Coach, Chapters, Chapter Lead, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Squads y Tribe Lead“.

For all this, a leader in advertisingdepending on the size of the firm, you can be earning from a floor of $350,000 per month up to $450,000. In some cases, they exceed these sums.

“Some of the tasks that fall to him are the preparation of briefs for external partners and internal teams, idea developmentbrainstorming tables and production of materials”, lists iProUP Julieta Lopez, Head of Brand of orange x

Creative Leaders can earn up to $450,000 per month

With the team within the organization, ensures that benefits are obtained: “Mainly, we gained a lot of speed in the implementation of actionssince we have the ability to create ideas from scratch, with 100% internal management from end to end”.

“Although we work with agencies and partners that accompany and promote according to the project, have a team in house challenging and always seeking to go for more in creative terms it’s key to ensure that creative ingenuity is present in everything we do,” says the Head of Brand.

What should a leader in advertising have?

The Ogilvy Latina agency created the role of Regional Experience Leader. What are you looking for with this? It is a figure that comes to add a new axis of communication management for customers.

“It is a great differential that we have, because it is not a profile that we could consider traditional in the advertising industry,” Lorena Pascual, Chief People Officer of the firm, tells iProUP, adding that this position brings together a series of skills as the comprehensive vision of the business and the knowledge and experience to incorporate technology strategically“.

On the other hand, “it has the ability to orchestrate a project both locally and regionally, using agile methodologies and working together with the client in each project or campaign to guarantee the communicational and commercial objectives”, adds the Chief People Officer.

The Experience area seeks to create a relationship between people and brands from the analysis of the behavior and the frequency of interaction of the consumer. And it is at this point where the strategic vision and technology merge with creativity”, affirms Pascual. He adds: “this communion enables develop creative solutions that impact the client’s business“.


Soft skills are valued higher than the general market average

“The skills that are sought from these professionals is that they have management skills, leadership and development of creative conceptswho have worked with various clients and industries,” he tells iProUP Inés Ducos, People Manager of BBDO.

Las soft skills are rated above average. That is why those professionals are doubly attractive “passionate, curious, with strong communication and teamwork skillsDucos details.

How do you form a leader in advertising?

According to Ducos, this professional “requires having done some comprehensive creativity course or tertiary; in addition to presenting a portfolio that proves their experience and learning”. And as in all types of work, will need constant updating when it comes to new trends and formats.

“Ideally, a creative director must combine verifiable experience and master digital tools“, clarifies the directive of BBDO. From Auren they emphasize: “It is important to complement the training with other more specific courses in the sector, such as the Master in Advertising Design and Communication of Brands of the ESDesing or the Master in Marketing Management”.

Leaders today are faced with the challenge of understand and develop campaigns in the metaversewhich is very different from traditional ads and even what is done on social networks.

López is clear in detailing the importance of having this profile within an organization. “I can speak in the first person as a publicist and with a track record of more than 15 years in companies: they are not only key for agencies, but also currently the trend is to have him in companieswith increasingly pronounced relevance in marketing and communication teams.”

Modalities of work in advertising

“The advertising leader has among his functions analyze creative budgeting aspects and the development of communication channels of the target organization, product and market“, reveals iProUP Santiago Martínez Porras, Marketing Manager of Strix By LoJack.

This is why for this type of position “it has to be a senior profile, because its value lies in continuous training that they have managed to train in a certain period,” says Martínez Porras.

In this sense, “the trajectory that you have developed at the time of taking the position defines the tools that you will use and that criterion has worked very well for us in the company”, he completes.

Finally, all the experts indicate that the branches from which the leaders in advertising come are variedbut mainly the writers, creatives and artists.