What does your horoscope say to you Tuesday, April 17, 2018?


Pregnancy March 21 – April 20 Dear Aries, you need some meditation and reflection. Do not skimp on yourself with the time needed to put things right, you have high hopes. Try to make your great plans succeed, emotionally you are a person looking for more love you have to be satisfied with what you have and not just lost.
Taurus 21 April – 20 May Dear Taurus, People find in you the energy and magic irresistible today. Take advantage of the admiration of your surroundings and prove your point of view. You are cheerful and sensitive, and have a lot of energy. Do not distract your attention easily from the things around you, and look carefully at all the details.
Gemini 21 May 21 June Dear Gemini, Do not be surprised if you are surrounded by fans today. This day is good for the secrets, the decent, decent day I was waiting for to plan a surprise for a friend or to make a secret charity. On the business side, you’ll find that things will match your predictions so start implementing your plan today.
Cancer 22 June-22 July Dear Cancer, Do not expect too much to make a little effort Be patient and do not deal with things with absolute nervousness Only you have to know that you will reap the fruits of your efforts soon Emotional partner believes in a suitable atmosphere for creativity Do not let this period of your life be wasted.
The Lion July 23 – August 22 Dear Leo, great opportunities do not come to once or twice in life. Keep your eyes and ears open to the right person at the right time; the right words will express themselves. Do not hesitate to ask for your rights as long as you have done your duty to the fullest.
The Virgin 23 August 22 September Dear Virgo, Expect opportunities for romance, May the heart fail today and love knocks the door, the atmosphere is ripe for social or romantic relations, health You feel some improvement You have to practice walking because it will help you relax and see things more clearly.
Libra 23 September – 23 October Dear Libra, treated with integrity today. Big plans will lead to great progress. Passing a long road with the help of a small one of your friends, this is especially true today. Eyes watch all your movements so be careful at work. Emotionally there are some dark clouds do not worry will go soon.
Scorpio 24 October – 21 November Dear scorpion, tell a little, tempered your speed. Try to revise your plans and put everything under your control, you are in a mood suited to work very hard, you will not know laziness. Rest assured that your efforts will not be wasted, and will soon be the fruit of your great work.
Sagittarius 22 November – 20 December Dear Sagittarius, Nest yourself a little, now is not the time to exhaust, a trip to a natural area will be a solution to the nervous tension you are experiencing. Those who consider you a bit of a fan are in fact fascinated by their own softness. You are a diplomat born now, so negotiate to get exactly what you want, while making them happy too.
December 21 – January 19 Dear Capricorn, ride the wave! You are full of passion and romance today, so go ahead. You are so moody today, once in a while, and your actions may seem insane. Take some time to arrange your thoughts and aspirations. In working your ambitions beyond your abilities sometimes do not take new steps today.
Aquarius 20 January – 18 February Dear Aquarius, rely on your senses today. Do not hesitate to take the right step, the opportunity to work with someone you previously knew coming to you this opportunity may be the key to the future that you are looking for. Emotionally you are a special person in your relationships. You have a spirit of fun so everyone loves you.
Whale 19 February – 20 March Dear Pisces, stand up and defend your rights because you do more than you are asked for. All eyes are on you today. You should not be confused and do not feel intimidated, but do not rush to accuse others if you do not have clear evidence. Emotionally having problems within your family may lead to acute nervousness.


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