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What essentially reduces immunity: the answer of the doctor

Strong immunity can protect against many bacteria and viruses. Even if you get sick, the disease must pass faster, easier and without complications.

There are a number of diseases that are bad for the immune system. Allergologist-immunologist Umar Khasanov noted that such factors include HIV, measles, immunosuppressants. Reduces immunity prolonged exposure ionizing radiation, a number of oncological diseases (especially leukemia), liver cirrhosis.

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The doctor notes: physiological immunosuppression develops in children, the elderly, as well as during pregnancy. Therefore, these people, above all, need to carry out immunization.

As for drugs that increase immunity, they are not worth buying. Drugs that really have a positive effect on the immune system are reanimation and are administered in extremely difficult cases.

There is also an opinion that sweet bad for the immune system. The doctor notes that there is no direct influence. But a large amount of fast carbohydrates in the diet increases the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes, and can also cause serious eating disorders.

In some cases, sweets can be a cure. For example, if a child has stress factors (and infection is such a factor), diarrhea or vomiting has developed, dehydration has appeared and acetone has increased, then a large amount of carbohydrates is simply necessary to normalize the condition.

But, of course, everything needs a measure, including sweets.

The Ministry of Health noted that normal sleep, physical activity, rational and balanced nutrition are those simple but effective things that a person can help your immune system.

Despite this, practice shows: it is much more difficult to observe the following rules than to simply take the magic pill.

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