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Over the past year, the North American hockey podcast Spittin Chiclets has become very popular in Russia. The reason is commonplace: his guests often become former players who have had experience playing in the KHL in their careers; they are happy to share with the leading details of their stay in our country. This year it was possible to find out that girls in Russia are divided into horror stories and models, Russian hockey players train like in the Cold War era, and in Novokuznetsk grandmothers with cows on a leash walk along the street. The guest of the latest Spittin Chiclets broadcast was the former striker of Ak Bars, Neftekhimik, Metallurg and Dynamo Minsk Tim Stapleton – he did not deceive the authors of the podcast, calling coach Vladimir Krikunov “fucked up” and saying that Nizhnekamsk hockey players live in a military barracks.

Sport24 spoke with hockey experts about the increasing attacks on the KHL and Russia by retired hockey North Americans.

Boris Mikhailov, two-time Olympic champion, adviser to the president of HC CSKA:

“I recall Stapleton as a mediocre hockey player who played in our league in third levels. What he says is from a small mind. As a player, he is nothing of himself; his opinion is zero. Unfortunately, those people who come to play in the KHL forget that they are here to work. They are given their favorite job, and at the end they allow themselves to write impartial statements not only about our hockey, but also about our leaders. Who is Stapleton compared to Vladimir Vasilievich Krikunov? This is the leading coach of Russian hockey, Stapleton with such statements showed his complete lack of culture not only sports, but also human. Penny to him as a player and a person.

(Kuzmin Yuri, photo.khl.ru)
Kuzmin Yuri, photo.khl.ru

Before you invite a legionnaire to the team, you need to understand what he is. Not only game qualities are important, but also human ones. It is necessary to study how he behaved and what he said in different countries and clubs, whether it is worth contacting him at all.

The logical question arises: “Why are you coming here? Then to say bad things? ”In all hockey countries, including the USA and Canada, there are positive and negative sides. As a rule, players forget the positives and talk about the negative.

Vladimir Plyushchev, ex-coach of the Russian national team:

“North Americans have never followed their vocabulary. I think this grief hockey player from the same company, usually those who were offended by something say that. If his skill did not satisfy the coaches … And then everyone is always looking for problems in the coaches, and not in themselves. I don’t remember that Jagr or the guys who came to Russia for the lockout period said such things. I am not surprised, this is not the first song, but people who work in the selection service should be more attentive to those who are invited. What should I answer this boy? Who is he? What did he do in North America or in Russia to open his mouth? ”

(Vladimir Bezzubov, photo.khl.ru)
Bezzubov Vladimir, photo.khl.ru

Alexander Kozhevnikov, two-time Olympic champion:

“Here is a different life, they don’t like something. Please note that those who did not succeed in the KHL say so. The Americans who play brightly with us do not say any nasty things. I would not say that the legionnaires make concessions with us, this is not the point. It’s just that if you, like Stapleton’s, do not succeed in Russia, you are a mediocre player, then, naturally, you will water shit. There is no talent.

This situation once again suggests that it is necessary to take playing people from there. This all reveals our managers and agents, they just need to bring money and earn, and these players then pour shit. I, too, can water them, but we are normal people. Such statements speak of culture. They are only good in films, but in life people are different. Shit – it is shit! ”

(Kuzmin Yuri, photo.khl.ru)
Kuzmin Yuri, photo.khl.ru

Alexey Badyukov, two-time winner of the Gagarin Cup:

“These are the interviews given by hockey players who did not succeed in Russia. Those players who played at a good level in the KHL will never say that, because the status of a great athlete implies decent behavior in everything. There is more resentment that it did not work out. Why is there such a trend? I am sure that this is all connected with the latest political events in our country. I think a group of correspondents is working who are looking for such players who did not succeed in Russia. They put it all on the network and thereby excite the public and set up that everything is bad in Russia. I think in the future we will still hear such people. All these are consequences of the policy that has been going against our country for many years. ”

(Vladimir Bezzubov, photo.khl.ru)
Bezzubov Vladimir, photo.khl.ru

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