what future after the pandemic?

In addition to being an important asset for companies, business tourism represents an important element for tourist activity and the economic development of territories. You should know that a traveler visiting for business generates much more earnings than a leisure traveler. As part of the bleisure travel, statistics show that he will spend up to 5 times more. If an employee travels to attend a congress, he does not necessarily have time to discover the city or visit its cultural monuments. Thus, he will potentially become a visitor who will return there for a personal or family stay. Also, if the visiting professional is satisfied with the services received, he will not fail to talk about it to his colleagues and superiors to renew the experience.

Teleworking, adopted as a permanent solution by more and more companies even after the pandemic, has represented a real obstacle for the thousands of business tourism players. Thus, if the territories wish to attract professional travelers again, better communication is required to apply the cross-loyalty principle.

Succeeding in attracting business travelers gives this territory a better reputation among this target category. In addition, the economic benefits of this strategy are certainly significant both in terms of daily needs (housing, catering, activities) and business prospects and entrepreneurial development.

Japan is among the best examples that can be cited in recognized destinations for business tourism. Indeed, the Japanese territory successfully organized the Tourism Expo Japan last November without any covid impact, for example.

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