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We were saying on this page two weeks ago ( “Chinese Communism is afraid” ABC, 03-22-2020) that “this pandemic is only explained -up to now- with lies. A lie about its origins and a lie about its result, because no matter how bad we are doing it in some European countries, it is not credible that there are already more deaths in Italy than in China. ” And today in Spain. Finally, last Wednesday, the intelligence agencies of the United States sent the White House a joint report that explains that “China has hidden the scope of the coronavirus outbreak in its country” (“China Concealed Extent of Virus Outbreak, USA Intelligence Says »Bloomberg, 04-01-2020). The reported number of coronavirus cases would be intentionally incomplete according to the report requested by the White House. No one can be surprised that this is so. We also have no scientific explanation to justify how it was possible for the virus to get from Wuhan to Lombardy than to Beijing. Is it possible that Milan is better communicated with Wuhan than Shanghai is where the pandemic does not seem to have affected significantly either?

Of course, the opaque figures they do not occur only in China. They occur in all countries where there is no free press. That opacity extends today to Iran, Russia or North Korea, although in this case it is true that contagion is unlikely to be relevant because getting in and out of it is metaphysically impossible and the state of seclusion is almost permanent.

This crisis has no known precedent. The Black Death between 1347 and 1353 spread much more slowly throughout Eurasia and did not reach other continents. But seven centuries later the world in a global village, as Marshall McLuhan said, and not only do ideas fly from one end of the planet to the other. So do physical beings and with them the diseases they carry.

It is very interesting to see how the great supplier of the planet, the Chinese Communist dictatorship, which is actually a regime of savage capitalism, has seen this pandemic emerge from its bowels and is now becoming the first supplier of those devastated by the coronavirus. Sun Tzu in his “Art of War” was unable to devise a better strategy. But let’s assume that it is not such a strategy. Which is a mere coincidence.

For one reason or another, this virus is going to break the balance of the world and everything indicates that who will be most favored is the country in which that plague was generated. At any other time in human history that would have involved a war with traditional weapons. Today nobody wants such a conflict. But it cannot be that the country that created the evil comes out as the most benefited from the pandemic. A country to which we surrender because we do not have a better provider of a multitude of basic necessities.

Days ago I read a great initiative that should be tried to promote so that many countries do something similar at the same time. We do not dare alone against Beijing, but many together we could. It was a request for President Trump to award the Medal of Freedom to the Chinese doctor Li Wenliang who died after reporting the virus (“A Coronavirus Medal of Freedom.” Chris Jacobs. “The Wall Street Journal.” 02-04-2020) “The Chinese Communist regime is guilty of the pandemic. He worked to suppress news about the virus, persecuted the doctors who told the truth, expelled reporters from American media, and has tried to deflect blame by falsely accusing the United States of creating the virus (…) The Chinese leadership inflicted incalculable damage on his own country and the rest of the world trying to hide the coronavirus information instead of leading the global attempt to combat it. That all the countries that have suffered this pandemic grant Dr. Li Wenliang our equivalent to the Medal of Freedom that John F. Kennedy established and received, among others Vaclav Havel, Lech Walesa, Margaret Thatcher and himself Kennedy A fortnight after his assassination, he would show China that not all the forest is oregano.

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