What happend today? Events, birthdays, days of death – calendar sheet on Tuesday, 07/27/2021

Berlin. The current calendar sheet for Tuesday, July 27, 2021: What happened today, who was born, who died? The events in the overview.

Calendar sheet: Tuesday, July 27, 2021

  • 30th calendar week, 157 days until the end of the year
  • Astrological sign Leo
  • Name day: Bertold, Lukan, Natalie

History: What happened on July 27th?

A look at history can sharpen one’s view of the present. What events took place on July 27th?

2020 – Jürgen Klopp is voted Football Manager of the Year in England by his coaching colleagues after winning the championship with Liverpool FC.

1996 – The Olympic Games in Atlanta (US state Georgia) are overshadowed by a bomb attack in the “Centennial Olympic Park”. Two people die and more than 100 are injured. The assassin is described as a supporter of a racist-Christian and anti-Semitic movement.

1986 – 25-year-old Californian Greg LeMond becomes the first American to win the Tour de France.

1976 – After long arguments with the US authorities, the ex-Beatle John Lennon receives a “Green Card” for permanent residence. He was suspicious of the Nixon government for political positions and for being convicted of marijuana possession in England in 1968.

1976 – Accession negotiations begin between the EC and Greece, leading to full membership in 1981.

1946 – The Gronenfelde homecoming camp in the Frankfurt (Oder) urban area is opened. German prisoners of war released by the Soviet Union arrive.

1921 – Canadians Frederick Banting and Charles Best succeed for the first time in isolating the pancreatic hormone insulin, which later plays an important role in diabetes therapy.

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1694 – The Bank of England is formed. It is the second oldest in the world after the Swedish (1668) and before the French central bank (1800).

1214 – In the battle of Bouvines, King Philip II Augustus of France defeats the allied armies of the English King John Ohneland and the German King Otto IV. France rises to supremacy in Europe.

Celebrity birthdays on July 27th

Who was born on July 27th?

1961 – Jochen Malmsheimer (60), German cabaret artist (“Pressed weekly overview. A vademecum of good humor”)

1944 – Barbara Thompson (77), British saxophonist, played in the groups “The United Jazz & Rock Ensemble”, “Paraphernalia”

1941 – Klaus Gerhard Saur (80), German publisher, KG Saur KG (“German biographical encyclopedia”)

1926 – Margret Dünser, Austrian journalist (“VIP-Schaukel” ZDF 1971-1980), d. 1980

1921 – Karl Ernst Tielebier-Langenscheidt (100), German publisher, great-grandson of the language publisher’s founder Gustav Langenscheidt

Celebrity days of death on July 27th

Who died on July 27th?

1981 – William Wyler, American director (“Funny Girl”, “Ben Hur”, “A Heart and a Crown”) – three-time Oscar winner, born in 1902

1971 – Bernhard Paumgartner, Austrian conductor, composer and musicologist (operas “The Hot Iron”, “The Cave of Salamanca”), co-founder of the Salzburg Festival, born in 1887