What happened between Shirley and Renier in the Power of Love?

Shirley and Renier’s situation in The Power of Love has been quite strange. Although at the beginning it seems that there was chemistry, in the last chapters the only thing that has been seen is a strong tension.

It has always been said that Renier, the participant from the United States, of Cuban origin, he is of a strong and reserved character. He has rarely been seen being outgoing or even smiling, but perhaps that is what attracts the attention of women.

He is 24 years old, he is a model and businessman. And although at the beginning of the Turkish reality show he expressed interest in Karoline, the Colombian participant, days later he decided to give himself the opportunity to meet Shirley.

Shirley, for her part, a fighter woman, of Peruvian origin, 32 years old and mother of a beautiful girl; has managed to attract the attention of several men in The Power of Love.

Sebastián Tamayo, for example, was the first to show interest, but perhaps the strong and ‘erotic’ personality that he showed generated conflict and she became unmotivated. Could it be that you are still interested in fighting for your heart? Discover it here.

Then came Jorge Alejandro, 21 years old, of Puerto Rican origin who, apparently, is the one who would have won the heart of the Peruvian, little by little and with patience.

But the truth is that the story between Shirley and Renier in The Power of Love was left half and many really wonder what happened there, because they never said it openly.

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“I don’t like being treated like stupid,” Shirley said.

When to Renier give you the opportunity to reply what had happened to her, her response was:

“I tried to get closer to where she was and her response was: ‘I don’t want to know anything about you, I have nothing to talk to you.’ It just seems like the fact that I walked away, without saying anything to him; It seems that it affected her, because she does not speak to me, nor greet me. I practically didn’t do anything to her. “

At that time, as seen in the video, the Peruvian participant bursts into laughter as a mockery of what the boy says. Then Renier continues:

“I just didn’t feel that I was reciprocated and like I told you, I have my limits and I walked away. Everything I did for her was real. Don’t believe it, I’m not interested ”.

And it was just when Vanessa Claudio, the presenter of The Power of Love, asked “What did you hear that made you want to have nothing with Renier? ” that Shirley unburdened:

“The topic is not Melissa, I get along super well with her. I have no problem that he is with her, that they have a relationship or are getting to know each other, the problem is not there ”.

According to her, “The issue is that he, outside the house, said that I had sent him to hell after the pool issue. “So I ran out of content, now what am I going to do?” (referring to that is what Renier said) “.

From that point, Shirley started talking about that word “content” which simply refers to the moments or comments that can be given to be published either on networks or used in the program and thus attract attention.

“I, to begin with, am not anyone’s content. I don’t like being played with. It touched a very vulnerable and important chord, if not all for me, who is my daughter. So, if I was his content, what need did he have to send me a mug with a photo of my daughter, to always talk about that subject … what need? “

After that, Shirley said that this was already a comment that was said openly in the women’s house and that some of them had listened to him, and even told him: “I told you so.”

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After explaining that that’s why there was no reason to talk to him, because ‘she felt used’, He ended the discussion with a rather strong comment:

“(He used me) What for? So that they don’t throw him out of the program because he had no one to get along with or because nobody stopped him because he was simply dancing? I don’t like being used or being stupid on my face ”.

Thus, it became known that the reason why things didn’t work out between Shirley and Renier in The Power of Love. Everything was based on a comment that the Cuban would have said and that, so far, he has not denied. Is it true then?

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