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Doctors urged to urgently address the problem of shortage of means of protection, the social distance in the plane lifted, Musk said Rogozin, Gazprom has drastically cut gas deliveries to Turkey; main news — a review of RBC

Experts and doctors asked Golikova on urgent measures for the protection of physicians

The problem of lack of protection for doctors should be addressed before the second wave of the coronavirus, which may occur in Russia in the fall. With this appeal to Vitu Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova and Minister of health Michael Murashko asked a group of doctors and medical experts.

  • According to their estimates, the need for respirators in Russia closed by only 27%, gloves — 17%, and domestic production of anti-plague suits covers only 11% of what is needed.
  • The authors call for an appeal to take urgent measures to reform the existing procedure of calculating the needs for remedies, as well as the system of public procurement. In particular, the limits on the purchase (you can purchase a maximum of 600 thousand rubles from the same supplier) lead to the selection of a supplier of goods of low quality at inflated prices.
  • In addition, some remedies that need doctors, you do not have a registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor and cannot be purchased by hospitals. Another problem is that doctors fear to speak openly about the lack of such means.
  • To solve the problems of the letter’s authors propose to take the following action: to organize a monitoring system of the production of means of protection; anonymous interview health workers about their presence; to give the necessary registration remedies; to raise a limit on public procurement, etc.

The CPS has repealed the requirement to load aircraft by 50%

The airlines have made the abolition of the limit half load of the cabin. The CPS has cancelled this requirement writes “Kommersant”. The decision agreed with the Federal air transport Agency.



In a month, the rate of change grows at a rate that approaches the rate of inflation from 2019

The police detained the daughter of the mayor of New York


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