Two regions of Russia began preparations for unification, deputies will expand the powers of the police, Putin drew attention to the “fallen” portal of public services, FESCO demanded a return of $ 1 billion from its shareholders; the main news – in the review of RBC

Heads of Arkhangelsk region and NAO sign memorandum of association

Acting Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region Alexander Tsybulsky and Acting Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Yuri Bezdudny signed a memorandum of intent to unite the regions. In the future, the issue of unification will be submitted to a referendum in both territories.

  • The area of ​​the Arkhangelsk region is 2.3 times larger than the NAO (413 thousand against 176 thousand square kilometers), the population is 25 times (1.1 million people against 44 thousand), and the domestic regional product (GRP) in 2017 is 1.7 times (467.077 billion against 276.485 billion rubles).
  • RBC sources close to the authorities of both entities said on the eve that the association is beneficial not only to the subsidized Arkhangelsk region (its state debt is about 30 billion rubles), but also to the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, whose budget largely depends on oil and gas revenues.
  • In addition to the redistribution of financial flows, experts also point to the political reason for the merger. “I think that they also want to change the agenda for Arkhangelsk: instead of the protest, which has shaken the Shies system, it is the unification of regions,” said political analyst Yekaterina Kurbangaleeva.

Police will open cars, cordon off buildings and enter housing

The State Duma has received a government bill to expand the powers of police officers, which will relieve them of responsibility for actions committed in the performance of duties. The bill will still be considered by State Duma deputies.


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