What happened to the grave and apartment of the star of the movie “Three plus two” Natalia Kustinskaya

Natalia Kustinskaya was called the Soviet Brigitte Bardot

A photo: still from the film

Natalya Kustinskaya died in December 2012 in poverty and complete oblivion. For a long time, the actress drank. When she fell ill, strangers looked after her. At the end of her life, she could not get out of bed without the help of strangers. But once the star of the films “Three Plus Two” and “Eternal Call” had everything.

Natalia Kustinskaya was called the Soviet Brigitte Bardot. She was beautiful and talented, but her fate was tragic. The actress got married six times and outlived four of her spouses – three of the former died, and one disappeared without a trace. She had to bury the closest people – her son and little grandson. Celebrity lived in a luxurious apartment in the center of Moscow… Apartments on Patriarch’s Ponds cost several million rubles. Not everyone will afford such a living space. Kustinskaya always lived on a grand scale – she dressed up and down, ate in the best restaurants, the most beautiful men loved her, and the women envied her.

For a long time, the actress drank. When she got sick, strangers looked after her.

By a tragic coincidence, the star, according to her friend Nina Fedotova, never bequeathed her apartment to anyone. Various dubious personalities peeped at the luxurious living space. “The apartment is now sold by someone from Samara or Nizhny Novgorod,” – said Fedotova in the program “Live”. As a result, the living space went to the second cousins ​​of the artist – Irina Arbina from Nizhny Novgorod and Lydia Karpenko, as well as Marina Pijamova, a grand-niece from Samara.

The situation with the grave of the first beauty of Soviet cinema is also sad. On the grave of Kustinskaya at the Kuntsevo cemetery, there is a modest monument to three names: Natalia herself, her father Nikolai and her son Dmitry. Relatives forgot to indicate the name of the mother of actress Maria Vdovenko, who also rests on this place.

The grave of the first beauty of Soviet cinema is also sad

On the site is a cross with a portrait of Kustinskaya. According to friends, relatives of the star from Nizhny Novgorod were engaged in the memorial.

By the way, the actress buried the only son of Dmitry Egorov in 2002. He was 32 years old. He was a drug addict. The man died under mysterious circumstances – he was found on the street and stated to have died from a heart attack, although a blow wound was visible on his temple.

After the death of the heir, the star began to drink too much, and then fell ill. “My legs refused, there were problems with the spine. And fate seemed to take pity on me, sent consolation to Volodya, my last husband. But then she took it away, like everyone else. Five years later, he died of transient cancer,” said Kustinskaya.

Kustinskaya has always competed with her colleague Natalia Fateeva. They played friends in the movie “Three plus two”, and in life, the fatal blonde took away from her friend’s husband, cosmonaut Boris Yegorov. When Yegorov met Kustinskaya, she was married and had a nine-month-old son, Mitya, in her arms. The artist was proud – Egorov lived with her for 19 years, and with Fateeva only five.

As the star of the painting “Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession” said, abandoned by Fateeva as if cursed her… The year Kustinskaya buried her son, her fourth husband, MGIMO professor Gennady Khromushin, died. Then the grandson passed away. The boy had oncology.

At the end of her life, Kustinskaya changed a lot. She gained weight and was also seriously injured. The actress fell, and her leg remained trapped in the battery. Natalya Nikolaevna lay for 12 hours, as she was alone. The doctor who observed the artist in the last years of her life said that she had diabetes, rheumatism, and a fracture of the spine. And at the same time she abused alcohol. Before her death, she was hospitalized with a diagnosis of pneumonia, fell into a coma and on December 13, 2012, she died without regaining consciousness at the age of 74.



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