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On July 30, The Weeknd left fans confused when the singer deleted all posts from his Instagram. Some suspect that his album The Dawn is yet to come.

This comes days after it was revealed that she will receive the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award. The BMAC First Music in Action Awards will recognize individuals from the industry who have made a significant contribution to social justice. The event honors The Weeknd for the donations he made last year in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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The Weeknd’s Instagram explored

On July 30, fans noted that The Weeknd had removed all posts from their social media. The singer, who has 32.6 million followers on the platform, had also deleted his profile picture.

If you review your profile now, it will indicate that there are “no posts”. This left many fans concerned as some wondered if their account was hacked. Meanwhile, others were convinced that The Weeknd was making fun of their new album.

It is possible that the singer is following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus. In 2018, Miley had deleted all of her Instagram posts and then teased an upcoming album. At the same time, this move by The Weeknd comes weeks after he started releasing a new album.

The singer may have decided to delete all of his Instagram posts in an attempt to promote his next album.

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Everything we know about the singer’s next album.

Fans are convinced that The Weeknd’s new album is titled The Dawn, as in a cryptic post on July 8, the singer tweeted, “XO # 1… dawn is coming.”

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At the same time, before deleting all the Instagram posts, The Weeknd had been sharing images that had a dark theme. Moving on from his infamous red theme for his album After Hours, The Weeknd was seen engaging in a darker theme.

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Meanwhile, on July 14, The Weeknd had hinted that he was almost done with the album. His tweet read “we’re coming” along with a CD emoji. In another tweet, the singer wrote: “I am very proud of this one. Wow.” So far, The Weeknd has not made an official confirmation.

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The fan trend ‘the Dawn is coming’ on Twitter

As soon as The Weeknd removed all of his posts, fans were quick to make the ‘The Dawn is coming’ trend on Twitter. One user wrote: “The Weeknd has cleaned up their page. Dawn is coming.

Another added: “YALL ??? Dawn is really coming…. IS COMING SOON GGGG «. “@Theweeknd changed his bio from ‘Abel’ to ‘The Weeknd’, deleted all his posts and removed his pfp. A new chapter is coming. Dawn is coming, ”wrote another user.

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