What happens if I eat chocolate after dinner? Here is the answer

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Chocolate is one of those foods that everyone respects and that it is difficult to do without it. Further it is among the most debated and debatable. Often, in fact, one wonders whether chocolate is good or bad, especially if eaten in a certain part of the day. One of the most widespread doubts is whether eating it in the evening after dinner is good or bad. Obviously, even in this case, the answers are conflicting, so there is no definitive answer.

What happens if I eat chocolate after dinner? Here is the answer

Chocolate can bring various benefits to our body. This food especially in the dark variety is rich in polyphenols which strengthen the immune system and prevent strokes and heart attacks. Furthermore, being composed of simple sugars, it is good for the mood, as it releases serotonin, a hormone capable of lowering anxiety levels in the body.

Looking at a current Australian study, chocolate has the same effects as anxiolytics so it could even replace them. In addition to this, it supports the metabolic functions thanks to the presence of mineral salts such as magnesium, phosphorus and calcium and vitamins, especially those of group A present especially in the variety of milk.

Chocolate, therefore, is full of virtues, but it can really be consumed at any time or in the evening before going to bed. Eating chocolate after dinner, before going to sleep is not only not wrong, but it could even be healthy. This food, in fact, apparently helps the body to sleep better. According to today’s scientific study, the high levels of magnesium present in chocolate help regulate the sleep-wake cycle thus supporting a truly restorative sleep.

The study demonstrated how this important mineral for our body helps our body control the way cells cope with the day-night environmental cycle. The multiplicity of chocolates to prefer is dark, even better if it is extra dark, as it is the one fullest in magnesium and polyphenols, the two elements that bring the greatest part of the benefits to our body.

As with all foods, you shouldn’t, but overdo it otherwise you risk having the opposite consequence since chocolate in large doses is exciting.

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