“What happens to Celine Dion is painful”

Cascading reports and questions that finally find a clear answer. Immensely popular, Celine Dion has tested the patience of her fans on more than one occasion by shifting her tour dates. The long-awaited “Courage World Tour” is groping, and there is good reason for it.

If “severe and persistent muscle spasms” had already been mentioned by the team of the diva, her sister Claudette went further withParis Match. “She’s worked a lot on this comeback, and she’s done too much. It’s always the same: she’s terribly demanding of herself. Her body said stop.”, she found in the columns of the French magazine. At 53, Celine Dion is actually suffering from the symptoms of premenopause and the hormonal changes that this implies. “What happens to her is painful. But there is nothing serious, otherwise she would have told me: Celine does not hesitate to confide and seek advice when something is wrong. I know that she is. have morale “, she confided.