what happens to the former reality star?

But what becomes of Mickaël Vendetta, one of the “first beau-gosses” of reality TV?

At 35, Mickaël Vendetta seems to have a life far from the spotlight. Founder of “la Santa Maria”, he regularly shares his daily life on Instagram. Find out what it becomes.

We owe him the concept of “bogossitude”

Remember: the press people never tired of it: the inventor of “Bogossitude” fascinated Internet users, and gave food for thought to gossip, around the year 2010. Mickaël Adon, alias Mickael Vendettawas the subject of a real media buzz in the early 2000s.

Invited on all the TV sets of the time, he affirmed with disconcerting poise and unforgettable panache that he was certainly the most handsome man in the world. After winning the show The celebrity farm in 2010, the star of the small screen had finally decided to move away from the spotlight.

Back to basics?

Having become a DJ, the handsome boy now remains very discreet and seems to have put his priorities in order. At the age of 35, it is rather reading, spirituality and nature that punctuate the daily life of the artist. When Mickaël Vandetta is not behind the decks, it is on Instagram that he shares good vibes with his fans.

Literary advice, introduction to Kabbalah, prayers, detox recipes : Would Mickaël Vendetta have become a beauty / well-being influencer? Today, the young man defines himself as a cosmic citizen, a true disciple ofFraming Mikhael AivanhovBulgarian philosopher, pedagogue and spiritual master.

He also founded the “Santa Maria”, which he defines as a “kingdom of celestial souls”… That’s not all, Mickaël Vandetta is vegan, and he doesn’t hide it. Her morning tip? A juice of celery, lemon, and ginger for “the awakening of consciousness. Discover below some snapshots of the daily life of Mickaël Vandetta.