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What happens to the prescription after the withdrawal of the amendment

After the controversy and the arm wrestling between Alloy is 5-star movement, a turnaround has arrived on the prescription reform. But only formal and not substantial. The rapporteur anti-corruption bill Francesca Businarolo of the M5s has indeed withdrawnamendment on Suspension of the prescription. He announced it in the session of the commissions Constitutional Affairs and Justice of the Chamber talking about a new reformulated text. But that is identical to the one withdrawn: only change the title. To overcome the obstacle ofinadmissibility for extraneousness of matter, the words "as well as concerning the prescription of the crime" have been added. The League leader in the Constitutional Affairs Committee Igor Iezzi stated that "on all points of the anti-corruption bill Lega and M5s can find a agreement because they share the principles, while the remains dissent on the prescription ".


The Keeper of the Seals Alfonso Bonafede he met the pentastellati parliamentarians and the leaguers in one meeting before the commencement of the commission's work. Government sources M5s explained that it was a first interlocutory meeting. The positions remain distant and therefore a higher political mediation is needed, they clarified the same sources, reiterating how the M5s wants to go straight and does not intend to postpone it to other measures.


On the matter the premier Giuseppe Conte he explained: «Being in the government contract, we will keep the point. Let me call Bonafede and the other partners for a last summit to bring home a meeting point that everyone has declared willing to reach ". Luigi Di Maio he told Radio Radicale that "the reform of the prescription for us is a fundamental point and I am confident that we will find an agreement with the League. But it must be approved in the anti-corruption bill, the one who talks about being out is not telling the truth. "


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