What has America gotten from its supremacy so far? (Psychology, Politics, Germany)

Why so urgently the leading role?

From America comes a political mindset called realism. But we should also be realistic about the nature of homo politicus in general.

Let’s not fool ourselves. The surrender of supremacy leads to dependence on those who gain it instead. Not a single nation in the world wants to do without this. The US is only human.

I would advise making a distinction between political character and national politics. As was already evident from Donald Trump’s about-face to protectionism, the US no longer aims for global hegemony for some time. Trump’s domineering demeanor stands in stark contrast to his rejection of TTIP, for example. Under his aegis, this could certainly have been transformed into another instrument for the subjugation of humanity in the South and East, which was decried by the anti-capitalist left – but it was not.

Is it about being godlike/divine/almighty?

I also differentiate between divinity and omnipotence. The principle of God has always had much more to do with sacrifice than omnipotence. That is why the devil also appears in the Bible as a worldly ruler, because he has omnipotence and not God, who lets his Jesus rot helplessly on the cross.

Is power (without love) really that important or rather an expression of weakness and fear?

Power is in particular what you can do with people and this includes abuse. If you were to ask Putin, he would honestly answer that he loves his wife as much as his concubine, and before the war against Ukraine he even loved the Ukrainian brothers who were now murdered. You quickly realize how closely related love and hate are, so I see them both as more alike than most people, who are quick to dichotomously and exclusively oppose love to hate.

Get me wrong if you wish, but I don’t think you’re being naïve, just that you might be reluctant to bother to think things through.

Why isn’t a Russian simply building up Russia into a beautiful, attractive, livable country that many people want to come to live voluntarily….???

Simply because all Russians are needed for this. That a single person should do what it takes a society to do is the mindset of an autocrat. You flatter him with this question. Democrats know, however, that everyone touches, thinks, wants, and loves and hates in the right measure.