What has become of Norma Herrera, film and TV actress?

Norma Herrera Actress Mama De Raul Araiza
Norma Herrera made her film debut at the age of 19. Photo: Cuartoscuro | File, Archive

Norm Herrera She is one of the actresses who paved the way for her family in the entertainment industry. The movie and TV star is the mother of Raúl and Armando Araiza; his debut before a screen was in the Golden Age of Mexican cinema in a film with Anthony Aguilar.

The actress Norma Herrera She was the wife of television producer and director Raul Araiza, father of her two children and whom she divorced. He has also worked in dubbing with Disney productions such as “Cinderella”, “Pocahontas” and “Beauty and the Beast”.

What has become of the actress Norma Herrera?

Norma Herrera was born on May 24, 1942 in City of Carmen, Campeche. she had only 15 years when she graduated as a teacher and then bet on her true vocation: acting.

  • When she turned 19, Norma Herrera achieved debut in Mexican cinemain the last stage of the golden age, in a film that featured Anthony Aguilar“The Masked Horseman” (1961)

In 1965 Norma Herrera appeared for the first time in a telenovela, “A cry in the dark.” In this genre she has forged a career to which she has dedicated decades; Other melodramas in which she also participated are “La dueña”, “Three women” and “Cicatrices del alma”.

  • The actress has worked in more than 50 soap operas and at least 30 movies

Who are the children of Norma Herrera?

Norma Herrera married television producer and director Raúl Araiza and their children were born from their marriage, who are also actors and hosts: Raul Araiza and Armando Araiza.

The interpreter she is a grandmother of four granddaughters: Roberta and Camila (daughters of Raúl) and Paulina and Romina (daughters of Armando).

Norma Herrera and “Three Women”: her leading role as a mature woman

In 1999, Norma Herrera starred in one more success of Mexican soap operas: “Three women”. In the production, she was a partner of Pedro Armendariz Jr. and shared the star credits with Erika Buenfil and Karime Lozano.

For the actress, her character of Greta left a mark on her acting work. At that time she already had 40 years of experience.

Norm Herrera too has recorded discsto his credit as a singer released: “What we yearn to hear” and “Contrastes”.

As for your job in dubbingThe 80-year-old actress is the voice of the Fairy Godmother’s song in “Cinderella” and Mrs. Potts in “Beauty and the Beast.”

Others TV soaps recorded by Norma Herrera are:

  • “Angel Face”
  • “Sidekicks to the rescue”
  • “A hook to the heart”
  • “A lucky family”
  • “My heart is yours”
  • “For loving without law”

Norma Herrera’s most recent work on the small screen was a project with her children. She had already shared credits with her son Armando in “Designing your love” (2021), but now she joined them Raúl in the comedy show “El doble”.

In the story, the actress is the mother of two actors, one consecrated (Armando) and another who works as a double (Raúl), the latter is dedicated to dubbing his brother’s dangerous scenes in the plot.