What has Iván Duque said about Claudia López’s request for total isolation in Bogotá?

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Junio 30, 2020 – 04:09 p. m.


In the midst of the controversy that has arisen due to Claudia López’s request that Bogotá go back into mandatory total isolation due to the increase in covid-19 infections, President Iván Duque assured that to the extent that it works in an articulated manner In order to carry out the strategy of testing, tracing and selective isolation (Prass), general closings will be limited.

“As the tracking, identification and isolation strategies work, we are limiting the capabilities of having to carry out general closure operations in order to focus on where the disease really is,” said the president.

Duque added that in order to make this strategy work, it takes teamwork with local governments in management and results, since obtaining elements such as fans is a difficult task.

In this way, the president indicated that this week 900 ventilators will arrive in the country to strengthen the Intensive Care Units (ICU), of which 300 will be for Bogotá, 60 for the Atlantic, 10 for Ciénaga (Magdalena), 10 more for the rest of the Magdalena department and 10 for Maicao.

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The Government has acquired 877 fans, 30 were delivered in Buenaventura, 29 in Cartagena, 10 in Quibdó, 10 in Cali, 9 in Tumaco, 4 in Villavicencio, 183 in the Atlantic and 125 in Bogotá.

This Tuesday the president received 233 UCI fans from the United States.

For his part, Diego Molano, administrative director of the Presidency of the Republic, stressed that the promise to expand the capacity of the ICUs with fans has been fulfilled.

“As planned for July, President Iván Duque assigned 300 more fans to Bogotá. The government continues to comply, this is saying and doing. The fans are achieved with management and investment, not words. In 10 days 430 of 722 are completed planned until August, “said Molano on his Twitter account.

However, the Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, warned that it is essential to continue with the expansion of the UCI, given that, according to her, the promised goal for June has not been met, in which it is assumed that there would be 1,400 beds, however, have only been given 425.

“With the 300 UCI fans announced by the President, 425 of the 1,400 that the Presidency promised to guarantee for Bogotá are completed. As long as we have a guarantee of weekly and periodic delivery of the missing, we will be able to continue saving lives thanks to everyone’s effort,” stressed López.

Until now, Bogotá had a bed capacity of 73.4%, being only two percentage points from the red alert.



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