“What I like above all is that no day is alike”

Elodie and Pierrick Baude are franchised within the network aquila RH in Caen. They tell us how they got there during this interview …

: How did you come up with the idea of ​​starting a business as a couple?

Elodie Baude 1Elodie Baude: In 2017, Xavier, the former Director of the aquila RH agency, contacted me to take up a new challenge, that of setting up his Caen agency. At the end of 2018, Xavier suggested that I buy his agency so that he could leave for new personal projects. Pierrick, my husband, excited by the project, pushed me to do it and here we are.

Can you tell us more about your professional background? Elodie to start …

I did all my studies in human resources. At the end of my studies, I was hired within the same group to manage the first North-West implant within the cooperative of Isigny sainte Mère (200ETP). After a year, having stabilized the implementation of the implant, I joined the regional management of the employment center in the risk management and internal control department. In 2017, Xavier, former manager of the agency aquila RH contacted me to take up a new challenge, that of the launch of the agency aquila RH Caen.

What about you Pierrick?

I had a rather atypical course. During several years I multiplied the jobs: bartender, waiter, animator, trainer and director of camp, supervisor in a college and several jobs in interim. When I was 24, I accompanied Elodie who was taking a competitive examination to enter a school for her BAC + 3. Waiting at the reception, the secretary suggested that I take the competition to pass the time. I got the competition and I therefore returned to the school benches for a BTS NRC work-study program. Following the BTS, I carried out several jobs again before joining Elodie on the project to buy back aquila RH Caen.

What advice would you give to other business couples?

You have to be absolutely complementary and not work on the same tasks. For example in Caen, I manage all the operations and Pierrick manages all the management of the company and the commercial. We complement each other and each has a fundamental role in the development of the company. We have also set ourselves the golden rule of not bringing work home. If we still have things to do, in a pinch, we stay longer at the agency. But when we walk through the door of the house, we are no longer Pierrick and Elodie d’Aquila RH.
I would also say that we should avoid working in the same field (each his work and his specialty). Do not talk about work outside of scheduled hours. Agree to spend all of their time with their partner. Have blind faith in the work of your partner.

What are the pitfalls to avoid when working as a couple?

The main trap is no longer separating work from private life. It is very difficult but very important. Neither should one take precedence over the other in business. Hence the importance is to be complementary. If the couple has exactly the same profile, there will be natural competition that will sow discord. Seeing in the same direction is important but everyone must bring their vision in all fairness.
To avoid absolutely: spending all your time at work or talking about work. Encroach on the other’s work part. On the other hand, you have to listen to yourself and understand yourself and not hesitate to talk about difficult things (failures and successes).

What has been the best time since opening your agency?

There are so many…
– The day of our redemption with the symbol of the handing over of the keys
– Our first three days with the arrival of Sabrina, our consultant
– Our move to better spacious premises and to our liking
– Our first days at 4 with the arrival of Magali and so many others …
I would also quote our first assessment. We have seen that, despite our young experience as managers, we have been able to recruit (temporary and employee of our agency), invest and manage the company so that it is profitable.

What do you like about your job?

I think what pleases me above all is that no day is the same. You never know what to expect or who we are going to meet! Also the management of the company itself as well as the relationship with our customers and our partners.

How did your agency experience this special year?

At the start of the crisis, the situation was difficult and unprecedented. Then, I put it into perspective by telling myself that all companies were in the same situation and whether we are big or small, the impact is the same. I lived the rest of the confinement to prepare well for the recovery. And it paid off, we are currently 5 in the agency (Valentine is a long-term intern) for more than 60 temporary workers. We gave ourselves 200% to raise the bar and it paid off.

What’s the secret to your success?

The love of the profession, the richness of meetings to get the best out of it, tenacity, anticipation, without forgetting hard work, sincerity and tenacity.

Do you have an anecdote about life in an agency to share with us?

In recruitment agencies, anecdotes happen every day. Whether with customers, temporary workers, partners … whether good or bad. There are too many to name them because the emotional lift is relentless.