What if a pill could finally help cure certain cancers? – 98.5 Montreal

University of Alberta researchers working on the development of a cancer drug, PCLX 001, will be able to begin clinical studies next spring with CHUM candidates.

The anti-cancer pill developed by the team of researcher Luc Berthiaume would not attack healthy cells in the body, but only cancer cells.

Until now, Doctor Berthiaume pointed out Monday to Bernard Drainville that studies carried out on animals have allowed very significant results in the treatment of blood cancers. Tumors would have been eliminated in just a few days.

The research would also be very promising in the cases of cancers of the lungs, breast and also colon.

This very promising study will be launched with volunteer patients who will be chosen according to precise criteria.

The results of the studies could be known in as little as two years for people with lymphomas and blood cancer.


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