What if an accident took place at the Blaye power plant?

Every five years, nuclear safety and civil security exercises take place at the national level: this was the case on October 20 and 21, notably around the Blayais Nuclear Power Generation Center (CNPE). The affected area extended within 20 kilometers around the plant.

Objective: to bring together all the players who may be involved in the event of an accident at the power plant, and have them work together to be as effective as possible in the event of a real incident. These two days of exercise thus made it possible to test the alert system and the organization of the various services during the crisis, but also afterwards.

In the event of a nuclear accident, how can the population be protected? Reassure her ? How to deal with schools, what to do around the plant, who to evacuate first? And then, how to bring back the inhabitants, which products to consume, which to throw away because they are contaminated?

These are all questions that the teams from the Gironde prefecture had to look into, as well as that of the Nuclear Safety Authority. Simon Garnier explains his role in this exercise: “The objective is to provide the Prefect with recommendations for concrete actions to protect the population, for example to shelter part of the population, or to carry out a evacuation, by estimating any releases or doses that may be received “.

The sub-prefect Delphine Balsa takes advantage of this exercise to recall some instructions: “You must be supplied with iodine tablets. You have to wait for the instructions from the crisis unit, in this case from the prefectural authority, to know what to do next. when exactly to take this iodine tablet “.