what insurance for my micro business?

The micro enterprise is not subject to the obligation to subscribe to insurance. It all depends on the sector of activity of the auto-entrepreneur. However, it is particularly advisable to insure against certain risks even if the law does not impose it. Here are the different types of insurance to which a self-employed entrepreneur can subscribe!

If entrepreneurship is on the rise, the self-employed under the micro-enterprise regime still has many questions about the necessity and usefulness of the obligations incumbent on him. Are you planning to change your status and become self-employed as a self-employed person and are wondering what insurance you should take out? What blankets can you benefit from? To what extent is it preferable to take out certain liability insurance policies or others?

Compulsory auto entrepreneur insurance for certain types of activities

The ten-year guarantee

Also called decennial liability insurance, it is an obligation for players in the construction and construction sector. It covers damage that has occurred for a period of 10 years from the date of acceptance of the work. The following must be submitted: construction companies, project managers (who can be real estate developers), engineers, architects, all micro entrepreneurs working in the sector (a parquet worker, a mason, a roofer, a tiler … the list is indicative), offices that carry out soil studies or other technical studies …

This insurance must be taken out before the work begins. In addition, it must appear on invoices and quotes.

Professional liability insurance (RC Pro)

This insurance for auto entrepreneurs will cover all damage caused to third parties in the course of the exercise of its activity. Certain professions or sectors are subject to it such as construction, sport, transport, insurance intermediaries, in general, personal services including health (doctor, beautician, tattoo artist, sports coach, etc.), trades which relate to law (lawyer, bailiff, notary, etc.). And finally, the field of transport, whether for people or goods.

The financial impact can be enormous or even catastrophic. It is therefore advisable to take out professional liability insurance even if it is not required to avoid a cascade of compensation and legal costs. The consulting professions are very exposed. An inappropriate suggestion can cause very heavy damage and the auto-contractor is exposed to high demands for repairs.

To be certain of his obligations in terms of professional liability, the auto entrepreneur should contact his chamber of commerce, business office, professional body in his sector or even insurance company brokers.

To find out more, do not hesitate to read this comparison of RC Pro offered by independant.io.

Professional auto insurance

It works on the same logic as vehicle liability insurance in a private setting. A self-employed person, a self-employed person or a professional generally, may have to use a vehicle within the framework of his professional activities. This use must be stipulated in the insurance contract under penalty of refusal of cover in the event of a claim.

As a civil liability contract, the insurance covers bodily injury and material damage caused to third parties. Optional extensions that compensate the professional can always be added.

Health care insurance

It is one of those which derive from the obligation of the entrepreneur to join the Social Security of the Self-employed. It only partially covers the health care of the insured (user fee system) and his dependents.

auto entrepreneur insurance

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Optional insurance for any micro business

There are still some assurances that professional entrepreneurs have every interest in taking out to protect themselves. However, the price of your insurance may vary depending on the coverage you choose. Only you can determine the level of risk you are willing to take!

Legal protection

It is not compulsory but strongly recommended. Lawyer and court costs quickly reach impressive heights. It applies whether the auto entrepreneur takes legal action or is the subject of legal action. He is thus genuinely accompanied and supported in the event of a dispute.

In addition, insurance companies use experienced lawyers who can deal with jurisdictional disputes quickly and efficiently. This insurance does not in any case cover the compensation to be paid by the entrepreneur, but only legal costs and lawyers.

Professional multi-risk

This insurance covers many professional risks, some of which may be compulsory. It covers both the property of the micro enterprise and its activities. Repairs or replacement of equipment in the event of a disaster (vandalism of premises, vehicles, goods or equipment, among others) can allow the self-employed person to continue his activity normally.

In addition, if you do not work at home, it is essential to ensure your professional premises.

Business interruption insurance

This professional insurance guarantee comes into play when you cannot continue to carry on your activities following an unforeseen disaster such as a flood, a fire, a machine breakdown… and you have to rent a new space or replace the damaged equipment. The economic consequences are sometimes very serious: loss of an important customer, impossibility of carrying out your usual services… Your turnover undergoes a significant reduction because of the disaster.

Recently, the health crisis has highlighted the interest of taking out such an insurance contract, but also the need to be attentive to the covers offered and their duration. Warranty extensions are also possible to protect against risks in an optimal way.

The adapted professional car insurance

Unlike traditional car insurance, it is not compulsory. It is a particularly useful contract if there is frequent transport of valuables (high-tech equipment, etc.). If its cost is more expensive than that of professional car insurance, this insurance not only compensates the vehicle but also the loss of the goods transported which results from the disaster.

Mutual health insurance

In addition to the reimbursements provided by the social security of the self-employed, it is preferable to subscribe to a complementary health mutual. Depending on your guarantees, this additional insurance will cover all or part of the amount that is not reimbursed by the basic cover.

Health provident insurance

Health insurance for the self-employed is not only a little extra but a real help when the entrepreneur is unable to work due to an accident or illness. The self-employed are not covered by the state mechanism in this case and often become aware of it only when they have to face it.

Insurance for the prevention of default risks

It looks like a form of credit insurance. The insurance company provides the entrepreneur with legal services in the context of pre-litigation and litigation.

Taking out micro entrepreneur insurance may seem expensive, but the assured protection of the risk involved provides security that can really safeguard the finances of the company.

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