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What iPhone to buy? Featured Apple Phones at Different Prices!

by archyw

What iPhone to buy in July 2021? This guide explains what to look for when buying an Apple smartphone – both in-store and in the aftermarket. Here are the best iPhone models worth buying right now.

iPhone 12 has been on sale in Poland for many months. Now it’s time to answer the question – which iPhone is worth buying in 2021?

Are Apple’s New Phone Prices Encouraging Shopping? Or maybe it’s better to skip and buy a powerful Android smartphone at the same price?

You will find the answer to all these questions in our guide – what iPhone to buy in 2021?

Why Buy an iPhone with iOS?

From the point of view of an Android user who – with some breaks on three Apple models – I’ve been around for over 10 years, the most impressive feature of the iOS system is the length of update support.

It could be debated for a long time which system is better now, or which has access to more polished applications. One thing is for sure – even Samsung’s 3-year support can’t match iOS 14, which was made available for the iPhone 6S, debuting in 2015.

iPhone 11 Pro Max/fot. gsmManiaK.pl

The second issue is the cooperation between devices. Apple Watch only works fully with an iPhone, and there is no point in buying an Android smartphone when you have an iPad. The iPhone is only the first step – if you take the next one, you will be permanently stuck in the Apple ecosystem. A one-time change would cost too much.

There are many extreme opinions about the purchase of an iPhone in the Polish technology industry. From those who have been present for years that the iPhone is too expensive compared to the flagships with Android, to those idolatrous, according to which the Apple smartphone is the only right choice.

I am impartial (or at least try very hard), appreciate both systems and it’s none of my business what you spend your money on.

iPhone: new or used?

The purchase of an iPhone can be highly amortized if you already have one. This is a trivial statement, but due to slow reductions in stores, Apple smartphones are also slowly losing value in the secondary market.

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Buying an iPhone, even with the thought of replacing it every year, is not the worst investment. However, it is worth remembering that the most popular second-hand models are models with the least amount of built-in memory.

What else is worth paying attention to?

  • When buying a used iPhone, be sure to ask for information on battery performance. It can be found in the settings and gives you a pictorial view of how often your smartphone has been charged – and how much else it can use.
  • Take a good look at the display – dead pixels are not uncommon.
  • Do not buy an iPhone with broken glass on the screen – replacing it is terribly expensive.
  • Ask for a charger – perhaps the owner has a faster charger than the one in the box and will want to get rid of it at a cheap cost.

All these problems, of course, do not apply to the purchase of new models – here we only need to wait patiently for promotions. They happen relatively rarely, but the reductions then amount to even several hundred zlotys.

What iPhone up to PLN 2,000: iPhone SE

There are no miracles here – do not count on the latest models. The most sensible and future-proof choice is the iPhone SE 2020, the price of which is currently PLN 1899.

If you do not mind a very average battery and you are looking for a smartphone with a compact housing, you can choose the SE in the dark. It can be charged wirelessly, the processor is top, and the camera during the day – really good.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 / photo by the manufacturer

Apple iPhone SE 2020 / photo by the manufacturer

There is one more option. The 1799 PLN iPhone 7 Plus will last longer on the battery, and it has a metal casing. For some people (including me), this can still be an advantage – but you’ll pay for it with wireless charging, better water resistance, and shorter support.

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It is simultaneously the cheapest iPhone that I am able to recommend in July 2021.

What iPhone up to PLN 3,000: iPhone 11, iPhone Xr or iPhone 8 Plus

Paradoxically, it is the segment up to PLN 3,000 that is currently the best if you think about buying a new iPhone from the store. Let’s start with the prices in a situation where there is no promotion at the moment:

Due to the relatively attractive prices, these models are most often found on the secondary market. If you follow our earlier tips, you will easily find a copy of each of them in very good condition for less than PLN 3,000. The second option is promotions – even in large stores, I have already seen each of them below this amount. Which one to choose?

If you think of an Apple smartphone as a phone for years, the clear winner is the iPhone 11. The dual camera works in every scenario, performance is outstanding, and 4 GB RAM is the same as in more expensive models. The price has also dropped in the official distribution and it’s a very profitable purchase.

iPhone XR / fot. gsmManiaK.pl

iPhone XR / fot. gsmManiaK.pl

The two cheapest options are the iPhone Xr and iPhone 8 Plus. They differ relatively little – the former tempts with much smaller frames around the housing and a better battery, while the iPhone 8 Plus is the last mainstay of fans of a larger diagonal and TouchID at the same time.

Both will be supported for quite a long time, so it’s a purchase for two or three years.

What is the best iPhone to buy? iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 12

If we completely dismiss the thought of the price, the answer to buying the best iPhone is… surprisingly complicated. Theoretically, they are much cheaper than this year’s iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, but only one of them is really profitable. But let’s start with the prices:

The case is as follows – buying an iPhone 11 Pro instead of the 12 Pro we lose 5G and 2 GB RAM, we get the same OLED screen with a slightly smaller diagonal, we get an almost identical camera, and the working time is much better. The iPhone 11 Pro is still the perfect choice for an Apple smartphone in the second half of 2021.

iPhone 11 Pro Max – test of the best (?) smartphone on the market

The iPhone 12 holds the price firmly, because now you have to pay at least PLN 3700 for it. However, this is the best compromise between price and possibilities and if the telephoto lens is not a priority for you, you can bet on it instead of the 11 Pro Max.

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However, the situation with the iPhone 12 Pro Max is completely different. This one costs PLN 5,399, which is the most expensive Apple model in this year’s offer. However, it has the largest screen ever, the best camera ever and 6 GB RAM that actually make a difference.

If you are looking for a device to work with, play on and watch videos on, you won’t find anything better. If it were not for the 60 Hz screen, it would be calmly fighting for the title of the best smartphone of 2020 – it is only very good.

iphone 12 pro max 1

Why should you buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max? Android Pros, Pros and Alternatives

What else is worth reading from us?

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