What is a Black Hole? Check out the definition and how big it is in space

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – The term outer space is used to distinguish it from airspace and “terrestrial” locations. There is a lot of stuff in space, however, there is one interesting object there, namely black holes.

So, what is a black hole in space?

Reported NASA, Thursday (14/10/2021), A black hole or commonly known as a black hole is a place in space where it attracts so much gravity that light cannot escape. Gravity is so strong because it has been squeezed into a small space and because no light can escape, black holes are invisible to the human eye.

However, using a space telescope with special tools can help to find the black hole. This special tool can see how the movement of a star very close to a black hole differs from that of other stars.

A stellar black hole is formed when the center of a very large star falls or collapses. When that happens, it can cause a supernova. A supernova is the explosion of a portion of a star into space.

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Researchers held press conferences simultaneously in various cities around the world on Thursday (11/4). Announcing historical discoveries, releasing sightings of the Black Hole or black hole that was successfully photographed.