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KOMPAS.com – Reports about the spread of mouth and nail disease (FMD) have made farmers and the community nervous.

Reported from the news Kompas.com on Thursday (12/5/2022), cases of PMK began to be reported in May 2022 in East Java and Aceh.

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Finally, 1,247 livestock in Gresik, Lamongan, Sidoarjo, Mojokerto, and Aceh Tamiang districts were reported to be infected with this disease.

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“While it is known that PMK has also spread to other areas, information received by Yogyakarta, Central Lombok and East Lombok, and West Java,” said Munawaroh to Kompas.comThursday (12/5/2022).

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What is Mouth and Nail Disease (FMD)?

Reported from the Pacitan Regency Government page, mouth and nail disease (PMK) or foot and mouth desease (FMD) is an acute animal disease.

FMD is known to attack even hoofed animals including cattle, buffalo, goats and sheep which are usually raised by the community.

Mouth and nail disease is caused by type A virus from the family Picornaviridae with the genus Apthovirus.

Visible symptoms of animals infected with foot and mouth disease include high fever, hypersalivation, blisters on the tongue and mouth, limping, and ends with loose nails which makes it difficult for the animal to stand.

This disease is spread quickly by direct contact, carried by humans, transmitted from livestock equipment or pens, and through wind in special climates.

The incubation period for FMD is about 2-14 days from the time the animal is infected until symptoms appear.

How to treat oral and nail diseases in animals has not yet been found.

One way to overcome the transmission is to quarantine, sterilize using disinfectants, and provide supplements to livestock to increase immunity.

Can Mouth and Nail Disease (FMD) be transmitted to humans?

Reported from the page of the Department of Communication and Information of East Java Province, Veterinary Public Health Expert at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Airlangga University, Surabaya, Prof. Mustofa Helmi, said that although the transmission rate of PKM to fellow animals reaches 100 percent, the transmission rate to humans is very low.

This is because it is classified as a non-zoonotic virus or not a class of diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

Furthermore, Prof. Mostofa explained that beef with mouth and nail disease (FMD) is safe for consumption as long as it goes through the withering process by hanging it to lower the PH of the meat.

Even so, without first withering, meat can still be consumed as long as it is processed by cooking it first and processed in the right way.

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