What is going on between Joep and Kim from Married at First Sight?

The couples weekend is in full swing, but not all couples have slept in the same room the first night. Caroline, Kim and Birgitte felt more comfortable without their men and decided to get into bed together. “I went very open this weekend, but Caroline decided yesterday not to sleep together. That didn’t feel right for her,” Joep tells behavioral psychologist Patrick van Veen. “I respect that. If that doesn’t feel right to her, then it shouldn’t.”

“I think it’s just clear now and that we still look the same as when we came in”, Caroline vents her heart to the women in the room. “I understand that you find it confusing, I think it really goes from left to right”, Birgitte tries to understand the situation. “From zero contact to suddenly seeking contact again.” “I was really a bit confused about that,” Caroline admits.

According to Joep, there is no spark between them, but they are ’emotionally friendly’. “We can just talk well and if we hold each other it feels okay too. It’s also not… we don’t have any grudges towards each other, so it certainly doesn’t feel that way,” he explains. “A love affair is not in it.”

Perhaps with Kim, because Joep has made a bottle of champagne with her in the jacuzzi until the late hours. Everyone wants to know what happened there. “I just liked being able to chat with someone. Without everything and everyone involved,” explains Joep. “But you know how it goes when there are so many people in one house: everyone thinks about it, thinks something about it.”

When Caroline later confronts Kim about this, she insists nothing happened. “He was in one corner, I was in the other corner.”

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